Class cancellation policy

20191111_092008 (1)Lets face it, turning up to yoga to find the class is cancelled can sometimes bring out the worst in people! Hopefully yoga-goers can avoid disappointment by reading our Class Cancellation Policy

Class Cancellation Policy

When teachers are away

Although the NZ YOGA CENTRE timetable mostly runs as scheduled, Ali will give ample notice of any class cancellations. Cancellations may occur, for example, if Ali is away at a conference, or taking a group on overseas yoga excursions.

You can stay in touch with up to date changes by tuning into the NZ Yoga Centre page on Facebook, or checking this website for any notice of changes.

Sometimes too yoga classes may be cancelled for other reasons. 

When class numbers are low

NZ Yoga Centre has to run as a business to keep up with weekly business expenses. Likewise, head teacher, AliHale Tilley, makes her livelihood by the revenue generated by teaching yoga classes, running personal yoga sessions, and taking people on overseas yoga trips. Her class fee reflects her personal training fee of $80/ hour.

That means, as long as there are 6 people or more attending scheduled 1 hour classes, the class will go ahead and Ali will be remunerated accordingly. Sunday classes, which are 1 1/2 hours, need to have 8 people minimum to make each class viable. This is the reality of teaching yoga professionally.

On the other hand, if there are 5 people or less in 1 hour classes, or 7 people or less in the longer Sunday classes, the teacher may choose to cancel the class at short notice.

When class numbers are low, students may opt to have a shorter class (see price list below), or pay more for the class to run as a private 1:1 or small class session. This means students can chose to make up the difference of their standard class fee to meet the value of a personal training session at $80/h.

If the teacher sees that a suitable option is not viable she has the right to cancel the class forthwith.

To prevent the disappointment and inconvenience of class cancellations, please come to class regularly and let your teacher know if you can’t make it one week. That way your teacher may choose to make a concession if class numbers fluctuate on that day.

Thank you for your kind consideration.


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