Yoga updates at Level 3/4

To frienIMG_4084ds, family members, students, loved ones, here we are on a Level 3 lockdown, on the way to Level 4. As a ‘non-essential business’ I will be closing the NZ Yoga Centre doors, effective immediately.
When threats to our freedoms are lifted we will throw a big party, build a bonfire, rejoice and do yoga together again. In the meantime I will be posting narratives of my artwork and adventures on FB and my website( and staying in touch via phone, messanger and email.
Also, I will be making meditation/yoga podcasts available for people who need personalised coaching and instruction during these unprecedented times.
This is a time of great learning and introspection. May we all live in peace and gratitude for the talents, gifts and lessons these times offer us all.
Mother Earth can finally breathe and repair and so can we as a human race.
Love to you all – Ali xx

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