Latest Yoga updates!

Thanks for supporting the NZ Yoga Centre once we are in Level 2 

Are you itching to get back to your regular yoga class?

So we can keep each member of our Yoga Community healthy, safe, and happy as we move out of Lockdown, please read the updated information below. There are new infographics for the new timetable, class etiquettes, and price plan.
Thank you for supporting us as a small local business. We hope to reopen the Yoga Centre once we move into Level 2. In the mean time, why not join our weekly Zoom classes on Monday at 6pm & Wednesday at 2.30pm? You can message us at NZ Yoga Centre on Facebook.

New Timetable

While we were all in Lockdown the world changed.  We all had to follow new rules on personal hygiene, social distancing, and contact-tracing. As a result of these changes, there will no longer be casual class attendance available. This allows each of us to practice good contact-tracing. Each class will now have its own bubble for each month.

timetable 1

New Etiquette

During Lockdown, businesses like ours were forced to shut our doors. The only way we could trade was by doing classes on Zoom that excluded all physical contact. To comply with new Health & Safety regulations for businesses, we have put new rules put in place around hygiene, social distancing, and general conduct. Here are the Top 9 tips. You can read the full complience of Health & Safety on our Homepage. Look for the Covid-19 tab.

new chart

A limited number of handtowels will be available for $2 if you forget to bring one. This covers laundry fees. If you use the bathroom please spray all touched surfaces with disinfactant provided and always wash your hands. Also if you have been in public spaces prior to class please wash your hands.

New Prices

If you miss class, you can make up a class during the set month by attending another class at the studio or by Zoom. However if you can’t do a makeup class, for whatever reason, you may need to forfeit the missed class. So we can maintain efficient business practices, no classes will be carried over to the next month. Payments need to be made in advance by the 1st of each month.

If you know in advance you are going away, and you are a class regular, please let us know in advance so we can accomodate your schedule, and if necessary adjust your monthly class fee. Thank you for your compliance.


Once again, thank you for supporting us as a small local business. We hope to reopen the Yoga Centre once we move into Level 2. If you have any questions, you can either message us at NZ Yoga Centre on Facebook, email, or call 06 327 4108

Look forward to having you back in yoga classes soon! And, if you can’t see your class on the timetable, let us know and we will put the class back on once 7 people are keen to go!


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