Meditation – Wednesday 7.30pm


Bathing in the Confluence of Three Rivers


We started our meditation with a lesson on the flow of the vital energies (vayus) within the body.

  • Prāṇa is inward flow of vital energy, the life force that ignites as we breathe in deeply into the body. We can direct this vital energy to the brow centre, increasing concentration and focusing the mind. Practice breathing in and holding the breath for 20 counts. Focus on the left and right petals of the ājñā chakra. Also focus on the triangular centre between the two petals.
  • Apāṇa is the downward flow of vital energy, governing outward movements through the base organs. Practice breathing into the base of the spine and grounding into the earth. Apana helps us let go of repressed emotions. Practice following the breath out mindfully with clear intention.
  • Udāṇa is the upward flow of vital energy, which drives speech, sound, breath and life force. It also governs the time of death and the depths of meditation. Practice following energy upwards via the heart and throat. Listen to the sound quality and length of breath.
  • Samāṇa is the flow of vital energy from the heart into the navel. Here the breath is assimilated into the system of the body. Practice breathing in a powerful light energy from the heart to the navel and imagine light unblocking trapped emotion and blocked tension.
  • Vyāṇa is the flow of vital energy into the cellular system, governing circulation of life force around the body. Practice breathing in to the vital centres of each chakra, allowing energy to infuse the cells and nourish the living tissues of the body.

Combined practice:  breathe into the brow centre and illuminate the mind with the breath focus. Then draw the breath into the base of the spine gently awakening vital energy of kuṇḍalini shakti. Guide the breath flow upwards, through the heart and throat. Listen to the sound quality and length of the vital breath. On the next inhalation, practice breathing light into the heart and navel, imagine light energy being assimilated to the cells and tissues, and then breathe mindfully out, releasing any repressed issues from tissues. Imagine the body radiant with the energy of the vital winds. Return to the breath focused in the brow centre.

Here ends the lessons of the breath …

Now, its time to bathe in the confluence of the three sacred rivers!


We breathe in through the left nostril, and direct our awareness into to right petal of the ājñā lotus. We imagine this vital breath flows through the Iḍā nāḍī, like the mighty river Ganges, clearing and purifying the accumulative effects of karma. We breathe out mindfully, imagining the bright flow of the river current. We breathe in again, this time through the right nostril, and direct our awareness into to left petal of the ājñā lotus. We imagine this vital breath flows through the Pingalā nāḍī, like the might river Yamuna. We breathe in a third time from the brow centre into the base of the spine, as we breathe out we imagine the upward flow of the Sarasvatī river, up the suṣumṇā (spinal column) to the sahasrāra (crown).  We breath from the crown to the triangular centre of the ājñā lotus. We imagine bathing in the confluence of three rivers.


Yogis who image bathing in the sacred confluence of three sacred rivers are said to be blessed with the gift of knowledge and liberation. For devotees of hatha yoga practice, Lord Śiva can be visualized sit at a ‘triangular place’ within the ājñā lotus, at this confluence. We imagine uniting the flow of all three breath currents and immersing ourselves three time in the sacred current of the mind.

P1020592Here ends tonight’s lesson

Hari Om Tat Sat!

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Meditation – starts this Wed. 30th July @ 7.30pm

When meditation has been successfully practiced, one attains the realisation of the presence of one’s own consciousness, the various distractions and obstacles are no longer present (YS 1:29-32 – Gerald James Larson)



If you are interested in practicing meditation to still the mind, and reduce the emotional triggers that produce stress and anxiety, we will be holding an 8 week series of meditation starting on Wednesday 30th July, at 7.30pm. Over the 8 week series you will  learn practical meditation skills, integrating breath, self-awareness, concentration and relaxation.

Meditation allows us to take time to find peace, calm and insight in the inner space of being, which creates more balanced energy to cope with the demands of a busy life. Drop-ins are welcome, however, the benefits of meditation come with making a regular time for practice.

This class is free to people who are signed up to come to India in our forthcoming trip – See Yoga Retreats!

Email Ali on for more information.

Two new classes with Kara-Leah Grant

Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Kara-Leah Grant:
Tuesday & Thursday mornings – 9:30am to 10:45am class (Starting 21st July).
No matter what your experience with yoga, you’ll gain something valuable from one of KL’s classes. KL teaches intuitively, with a class plan, in a Vinyasa Flow format (movement linked with breath). This allows her to meet the individual needs of the students within the room while still adhering to a structure. This dance between the form and formless, between intellect and intuition, between the masculine and the feminine or between Shiva and Shakti defines Kara-Leah’s teaching. You too will learn how to surrender to flow while directing your body and breath where it needs to go according to your needs. Most of all, you’ll learn how to drop deep into each moment just being with yourself as you are through KL’s emphasis on the breath as your teacher. When you make this connection to your breath, you’ll discover that your body contain infinite wisdom that knows how to systematically release the accumulated tension of a lifetime.
Kara-Leah’s Bio:
A child of two teachers, and a teacher of many things since she was a small child, Kara-Leah began teaching yoga in 2006. Her study has revolved around a home practice of more than a decade, and time spent immersing herself in the world of yoga. KL is a certified Prana Flow Yoga teacher, and did her 200 hrs with Shiva Rea starting in 2008. She’s currently studying towards her 500hr with Power Living Australia Yoga. Kara-Leah is the publisher of The Yoga Lunchbox and the author of Forty Days of Yoga – Breaking down the barriers to a home yoga practice. Her second book, The No-More-Excuses Guide to Yoga will be out in Spring.

Guru Purnima teaching

Ali and Guruji  P1020809

Contemplating the 5 dimensions of the Guru

The full moon rise on Guru Purnima allows us to contemplate our layered identities by ritually enacting our dedication to the Guru.  At this time, the moon is both a formula and a vehicle of transmission.

As we observe this special full moon, we are given an opportunity to set aside our material dependencies and connect with the vital fluidity of the moonlight, as reflection of the Guru’s grace.

During contemplation, the moon disc becomes a dynamic symbol, focusing our love and gratitude for all the inspirational teachers throughout time. The moon also helps transmit the Gurus’ blessings worldwide.

The archetypal Guru works on different dimensions, revealing the ‘inner guru’ within the devoted student.  In this Guru Purnima formula, we reimagine ourselves merging with the light of the archetypal Guru, ideally through the moonlight: 1) the archetypal guru, Śiva, taught the secret knowledge of yoga to his first student, Pārvati; 2) Pārvati, the archetypal mother goddess, transmitted the esoteric teachings of yoga to her progenies through the inspiration and recitation of Tantric sūtras; 3) the Guru’s wisdom and love inspired  linages of great sages and teachers ; 4) in receiving inspired teachings, the inner guru is illuminated within the devotee; 5) during the Guru full moon, the inner guru merges into the tranquil grace of the Primal Guru and his consort. At the same time, the love of the archetypal Goddess allows spiritual awakening to occur, dissolving all barriers and limitations.

Like a never-ending cycle, where a rain drop  falls upon a moonlit lake, then embarks on a long journey finally merging into the sea, the inner guru absorbs the moonlight and is blessed with the transmission of divine wisdom, epitomised by the Primal Guru and his divine consort.  We reimagine ourselves imbued with the wisdom and light of the Guru – as archetypal guru, mother, sage, self, and selfless devotee.

Blessing to all the students and great Gurus on Guru Purnima!

Sri Digambara Vishambranand, Ravanand Saraswati & Alakananda Saraswati

‘Honey Moon’ The 2nd round of voting has begun!

 The photo with the most likes/votes wins! Please again vote in the final round … Voting closes by the 15th July!

So many of our wonderful yoga people voted for Annabelle’s beautiful ‘Honey Moon’ photo, captured by award winning photographer Mark Gee. Our collective vote got them into the top 5 with 594 votes, and now they are into the second and final round of voting.


Annabelle and Mark’s photo is currently in second place at 208 votes. A woman named Nipa, who’s handstand on a beach in Africa is making a stand at 319 and is constantly climbing, is currently first!

Basically, we need you to vote one last time, or post the link on your Facebook page for your friend to like.

 Belle (1)

Annabelle says: “Please vote again by liking our beautiful Honeymoon photo and help me to continue my yoga practice at a magical retreat in Bali” 

Over the past years, yoga has given Annabelle health, strength and personal peace. For Annabelle, Bali is a place of constant offerings and giving: “I’d love to be able to do a yoga retreat in a place surrounded by people who are constantly practicing mindfulness, awareness and personal sacrifice.”

Mark Gee is an award winning photographer & digital visual effects artist based in Wellington, New Zealand. He has worked on many high profile and Oscar award winning feature films. His love of the New Zealand landscape is a big part of the inspiration for his photography. and his site:

Thank you so much for putting your vote in again!


 guru poornima 039

GURU PURNIMA is an auspicious time when the mind is more receptive to higher teachings. Sitting in a meditation of the Guru Full Moon is meant to enhance your prosperity and accelerate your spiritual evolution. Full Moon rise in Wellington New Zealand is on Saturday 12 Jul 2014 – 5.04 pm



Winter Solstice / Matariki Festival at Sadhana Yoga

This was such an amazing event!

matariki stevematariki steve.png 2Amanda 2

At Sadhana Yoga (Miramar), Winter Solstice activities took place on 22nd June 2014 – This event celebrated warmth, light, vitality and nourishment in the depths of winter. This included eating delicious vegetarian foods, a midwinter ‘pageant’, lighting of candles, building a sacred fire, sharing great company, and letting off fireworks!

Traditionally, winter solstice festivals are celebrated the world over, symbolizing cycles of rebirth-growth-decay, and new beginnings. The Winter Solstice and Yule-tide marks the return of the sun, bringing light into being. In the Northern Hemisphere these festivities normally occur at the end of the year, coinciding with Christmas and New Year.

Here in New Zealand, however, we celebrate the Maori festival of Matariki, where the constellation of Pleiades returns into the dawn skies. Matariki is regarded as the beautiful mother surrounded by her six daughters: Tupu-a-nuku, Tupu-a-rangi, Waitī, Waitā, Waipuna-a-rangi and Ururangi. The date on the Maori calendar for 2014 is June 28th.

From a cross-cultural perspective, here in the Southern Hemisphere, this is also a special time for creating new celebrations and festivities – bringing communities together to welcome the return of more sunlight, the return of Pleiades, as well as to share nourishment and greater warmth in the dark depths of a wild Wellington winter.

Ali was the official celebrant and host for the evening, and a great night was had by all!

Matariki shrine 2