Soul Practice



Preparing for the inner journey …

Time spent in soul practice, (i.e. meditation, devotion, japa, and pilgrimage etc) re-charges the mind, connecting the practioner with sacred dimensions of inner being. Innumerable benefits are available when you start spending time connecting to the part of yourself that is still and composed.

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Designing wild shrines

Sadhana Yoga shrine (courtesy of Mel James

Sadhana Yoga shrine

One way to engage in ‘soul practice’ is to design your own shrine, which becomes a gateway (tirtha) connecting you to your inner space of being.

What is a shrine used for?

shrineCreating your own shrine is a very enriching experience. It may take the form of an inconspicuous office shrine – celebrating the family, or a home Zen shrine for meditation and introspection.

Your shrine may be functional like a pocket shrine for travel protection, or a spontaneous wilderness shrine to appeal to the forces of nature.

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It may have a specific function like a car shrine for warding off danger. Or it may be a silent, sacred space just for you and your inner thoughts.

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this is a concept of the next Sadhana Yoga Studio by Ali 

Constructing shrines and visiting sacred spaces are great ways to connect the outer sensory self of the day-to-day world, with the more universally aware inner self of contemplative awareness. The more you interact the more your shrine or sacred space becomes a site of spiritually focused energy.

Why design and create your own shrine setting?

Shrines provide a visible space to focus your life’s intention through prayer and contemplation. Spending time in deep contemplation helps reinforce your life’s direction and purpose, leading to a more balanced and meaningful life. Shrines also provide an outer expression of the inner self. The icons and objects you place on your shrine tell a story and build a narrative to express that which is beyond words.

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Where to place objects?

The placement of shrine objects can be influenced by feng shui, vastu, law of symmetry, or simple intuition. Home shrines may be placed in your communal living spaces, bedroom, garden, car, office, natural setting, or even amongst the community where many people can share your inner vision. Shrines should change and be rearranged as our life path and spiritual journey develops.

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How to start?

As a qualified Celebrant and experienced yogi Ali Hale Tilley can help you develop and create your own meditation practice or advise you on how to design your own sacred space setting.

For more information about deepening your soul practice, or to arrange a private consultation email Ali on

Ali is also accomplished as professional palm reading. Simply email a scan of both of your palms, along with a $80 consultation fee, and find out interesting facts about you life direction on the roadmap of your hand.

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