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New winter 2018 timetable


Yoga gives you:

  • Physical benefits = strength, flexibility, balance, fluid movements, spinal alignment
  • Mental benefits = concentration, self-awareness, clarity, self-knowledge
  • Emotional benefits =  stress release, confidence, happiness, relaxation
  • Sensory benefits = mood enhancement, soothing atmosphere, therapeutic input
  • Social benefits = like-minded yoga community, cultivation of loving kindness
  • Lifestyle benefits = health and well-being, boosted immunity, increased vitality
  • Spiritual benefits = deeper connections, a sense of oneness, mindful reflection

Yoga helps you develop deeper self-awareness. You can get all these benefits from regular yoga practice. All levels are welcome.


NZ Yoga Centre – 20 Stewart Street, corner High Street, Marton


Thanks to Liz Wylie at the Wanganui Chronical


Yoga teacher Ali Tilley has found the right balance in Marton

11 May, 2018 3:00pm

3 minutes to read
Yoga teacher Ali Tilley (front left) is celebrating the first birthday of her yoga centre in Marton. Photo / Liz Wylie
Yoga teacher Ali Tilley (front left) is celebrating the first birthday of her yoga centre in Marton. Photo / Liz Wylie

Hatha is the yoga of balance – the combination of sun and moon, says teacher Ali Tilley.

I have joined 12 other women for her yoga class in Marton on a Tuesday morning and, after stretching a few muscles I haven’t been using for a while, I’m enjoying the breathing exercises.

“Breathe in through your right nostril,” says Tilley. “Now slowly breathe out through your left.”

Before the class started, we were asked to say what we wished to focus on during the next hour.

Core strength, breathing, stress management, emotional strength, knees, hips, ankles – everyone in the class had a specific body part or emotion they wanted to work on.

It had been around 10 years since I last participated in a yoga class and, although I find some of the postures a bit challenging, I feel thoroughly relaxed – enjoying Tilley’s gentle encouragement and the company of the other women.

Master teacher Tilley arrived in Marton a year ago after running her Sadhana Yoga Centre in Wellington for 10 years.

“Wellington prices had gone through the roof, and I decided this was my opportunity for a positive change,” she said.

The New Zealand Yoga Centre on the corner of Marton’s High and Stewart Streets has a welcoming outdoor area with seating and containers of flowering plants and fragrant herbs.

Inside, the room is scented with essential oils and Tilley brings bottles of oils round during the class and places drops on our palms so we can massage them in to our palms and breathe in the soothing vapours.

Sometimes she issues special encouragement to individual class members if she knows there are particular postures they might be trying to master.

Class member Trudy says she has been coming since the classes began and realised that Marton had scored a great teacher.

“Some of Ali’s Wellington students came to join that first class and I realised how lucky we are to have her here.”

Other students said they have been coming for a few months and have seen an increase in their strength and flexibility.

“I’m now doing stretches I thought I would never do when I first came,” says Judith.

Tilley says the Marton community has warmly welcomed her and the people are genuine and kind.

“I keep my prices low and I’m rewarded with gifts like the fresh broccoli I was given this morning,” she says.

She holds classes every day but Friday and caters for all levels from a masterclass on Saturdays to a beginners’ class on Tuesday evening and there is a children’s class on Wednesday afternoons.

Tilley will be celebrating her first year in Marton and the first birthday of the yoga centre with a potluck dinner and gathering next weekend.

Ali Tilley can be contacted at or by calling 06 327 4108.

We are one!

We had an amazing first birthday at the NZ Yoga Centre, with fire, festivities, friends and food. Such a great energy from all who attended.

Our next event will be a ‘kai & sky’ event for Matariki mid June 2018.



We are one!

Calling all yogis! The NZ Yoga Centre is celebrating its 1st birthday –

Saturday 5th May between 5pm and 9pm.

If you would like to come and join in the celebrations please RSVP to Ali or or (06) 327 4108


From No. 8 wire to geodome

Start with No. 8 wire and bolt cutters. Make around 50 circles, binding wire together with fine galvanised wire.




Nail the wire circles to a frame with staples… or not… a geodome might not need wood structures. This one did.


Keep making circles until you have made a dome.


Makes a great growing frame!

Easter Opening

Would you like to do yoga over the Easter break?

Ali at the NZ Yoga Centre will be running a Masterclass Easter Sunday 9.30am-11.30am (advanced phone bookings required).

There will also be an ‘All levels’ class Easter Monday at 9.30am. 


This great new masterclass with Ali takes you through 2 hours of blissful yoga:

  • 40 minutes of ‘yang’ hatha flow will help you flush through the system and burn off any Easter indulgences!
  • 40 minutes of slow long yin holds help you to release tension and deepen your stretches
  • 40 mins of a ‘yon’ approach, moves beyond the limits with 20 minutes of satsang (sitting in spiritual company) and invocation, 10 minutes of silent contemplation, and 10 minutes of deep guided relaxation.

At the end of the 2 hour session you will feel energized and relaxed

Advanced booking and payment required

6 people minimum – 10 maximum

Contact Ali at

(06) 327 4108

payment to Sadhana Yoga


Thank you

Easter  Monday is a 75 minute class – 

casual class fee is $12


New meditation garden

Stage 1

I worked over the weekend to put in a scented herb meditation garden so that people could come and sit quietly with their thoughts.



Also tried my hand at casting a concrete entry way from the street to the Yoga Centre.




Next, organic soil, more herbs, hand-made concrete tiles will be put in place. All driven by shakti power!

Stage 2

The wire circles allow shapes for the climbing passionfruit to grow. They also provide a chance for us to see things in different ways.



Lots of amazing people have donated scented herbs and medicinal plants for the garden, making it a community project.


The next stage will be to concrete and mosaic the area inside the seated area.


Stage 3

The No. 8 wire circles keep growing and growing. Who would have known the scented meditation garden was going to be surrounded by a geodome!








Meditation places

NZ YOGA CENTRE – I love combining art, sacred objects, and memorabilia to create new places for stillness and meditation. My latest  installation shrine is titled, ‘virgin in an apple crate.’ The message behind the shrine reminds us to revere and collect fresh drinking water. Many of the objects used in this shrine were given to me by my Wellington friends and yoga students over the years – Ali –


Fresh water is life

“A shrine is a place when one’s personal spirituality finds a platform for expression”



Another place I spend a lot of time contemplating is the Peace Garden in the NZ Yoga Centre grounds. New students here in Marton – such as Tracee and Marilyn – have contributed recycled totara and wood crates to help make the garden come to life. People are always commenting how the garden makes them feel so peaceful and happy.


The main shrine at the NZ Yoga Centre used to reside in the studio space at Sadhana Yoga – Miramar. Lots of people got to see and enjoy the love and peace emanating from the wish-fulfilling shrine.  Having a  shrine is not about following a religion, of believing in a specific faith.  A shrine is a place when one’s personal spirituality finds a platform for expression.

Spirituality is key a principal of yoga


The notion of Ishvarapranidhana means to show devotion or dedicate ones life to a force greater than oneself.