Classes prices

The 9 class pass is now $90 – thank you


Yoga classes – Yoga classes, such as Hatha Flow and Gentle/ Restorative yoga, starts with your teacher setting the intention for each class, moving through a warm up, and onto an active selection of postures. Ali (head teacher) uses over 200 postural variations.  Verbal and light hands on corrections will be accompanied by breathing exercises (pranayama), seated mindfulness (dharana), and relaxation (savasana). Sometimes essential oils may be offered at the end of class for mood-enhancement. Herbal tea will generally be served for you to help yourself, and enjoy the social vibe.

Special Integrative Sunday Yoga starts with your teacher offering an insight or seated contemplation, moving through an active warm up, and onto a selection of postures. Ali (head teacher) uses over 200 postural variations.  This lesson will be accompanied by different aspects of yoga, including breathing exercises (pranayama), seated mindfulness (dharana), chanting (mantra),  hands on healing, and relaxation (savasana). We will use a selection of essential oils to enhance the enjoyment of the session. – (this class is valued at $15)



We reserve the right to change pricing at our discretion