Class times and prices

What type of yoga classes do we have?

Different blends of yoga are taught on different days of the week. Each classes’ themes change week to week according to the season or reason. Please select the class that be suits your level and requirements.


Both the 9.30 am and 6 pm classes are Hatha Flow style, which means an active warm up, active asana sequences, followed by 5 minutes of either breath work (pranayama), sound work (mantra yoga), or silent meditation (dhyana). Each class closes with guided relaxation. Please note: dynamic discussion and student input is welcomed during the active part of these classes.


7.15 am Gentle Hatha Flow, involves a gentle warm up, gentle asana sequences, followed by 5 minutes of either breath work (pranayama), or silent meditation (dhyana), and closing with a guided relaxation.

9.30 am Gentle/ Restorative, involves a gentle warm up, active postures to increase mobility, strength, fitness, balance, injury management, and brain dexterity. Each class closes with guided relaxation. Please note: this class is popular with seniors

6.00 pm Beginner’s class introduces students to an active warm up and active asanas/ postures, which are guided and corrected by the teacher. Classes may include instruction on specific themes, such as postural alignment, breath work (pranayama), sound work (mantra yoga), or silent meditation (dhyana). Each class closes with guided relaxation. Please note: the teacher will make hands on adjustments where required.

Please note: This Tuesday 6pm class has now finished for 2019 and will resume in the New year


7pm Gentle blends gentle warm up exercises with gentle postures intended to increase joint mobility, body awareness, postural strength, and overall well-being. Each class closes with guided relaxation. This class is suitable for pregnant women.


9.30 am – 11 am – Special Session: Wellbeing Challenge start Sunday 10th November at 9.30am 


Yoga classes – Yoga classes, such as Hatha Flow and Gentle/ Restorative yoga, starts with your teacher setting the intention for each class, moving through a warm up, and onto an active selection of postures. Ali (head teacher) uses over 200 postural variations.  Verbal and light hands on corrections will be accompanied by breathing exercises (pranayama), seated mindfulness (dharana), and relaxation (savasana). Sometimes essential oils may be offered at the end of class for mood-enhancement.

When class numbers are low

NZ Yoga Centre has to run as a business to keep up with weekly business expenses. Likewise, head teacher, AliHale Tilley, makes her livelihood by the revenue generated by teaching yoga classes, running personal yoga sessions, and taking people on overseas yoga trips. Her class fee reflects her personal training fee of $80/ hour.

That means, as long as there are 6 people or more attending scheduled 1 hour classes, the class will go ahead and Ali will be remunerated accordingly. Sunday classes, which are 1 1/2 hours, need to have 8 people minimum to make each class viable. This is the reality of teaching yoga professionally.

On the other hand, if there are 5 people or less in 1 hour classes, or 7 people or less in the longer Sunday classes, the teacher may choose to cancel the class at short notice.

When class numbers are low, students may opt to have a shorter class (see price list below), or pay more for the class to run as a private 1:1 or small class session. This means students can chose to make up the difference of their standard class fee to meet the value of a personal training session at $80/h.

If the teacher sees that a suitable option is not viable she has the right to cancel the class forthwith.

To prevent the disappointment and inconvenience of class cancellations, please come to class regularly and let your teacher know if you can’t make it one week. That way your teacher may choose to make a concession if class numbers fluctuate on that day.

Thank you for your kind consideration.




  • 60-minute class – Tuesday 7.15 am class only –  uses 4  pass units or $10.00 casual for seniors
  • 1 ¼ hour (75 minutes) class – uses 5 units or casual cost $12.00 – 8 people minimum
  • 1 ½ hour  (90 minute) class – uses 6 units or cost casual $15.00 – 8 people minimum


  • 20 unit pass is $50 – used for 4 standard classes
  • 30 unit pass is $75 – used for 6 standard classes or 5 Sunday classes
  • Casual is $12.00 unless otherwise specified
  • Sunday class is $15 unless otherwise specified
  • Small class or private session is $80/hour with additional time adding extra cost
  • PLEASE NOTE: Class minimums are 5 people in attendance. If 4 people or less come to class either people can pay more for a small class or private session, or the class will be cancelled at the teacher’s discretion.



We reserve the right to change pricing at our discretion



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