Class Timetable

 Please note: The Tuesday night 6pm class will not run for the rest of the year. This class will start again as a Beginners classes in the New Year.

 All other classes will run as normal until December 18th. 


Great news! Our new 5 week yoga challenge meets on Sunday 9.30am – 11am. Casual attendance for this class is $20


Other Yoga classes – Yoga classes, such as Hatha Flow and Gentle/ Restorative yoga, starts with your teacher setting the intention for each class, moving through a warm up, and onto an active selection of postures. Ali (head teacher) uses over 200 postural variations.  Verbal corrections will be accompanied by breathing exercises (pranayama), seated mindfulness (dharana), and relaxation (savasana). Sometimes essential oils may be offered at the end of class for mood-enhancement. Please see classes & Prices for more information.


— please take shoes off before entering the studio —

Ali Hale Tilley (Studio director)

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Who am I?

I first learnt some yoga at age 6 from my god-mother, who was a popular yoga teacher in Christchurch. She planted the fertile seed that I too would teach yoga one day.

As a young adult, I worked full time in the Fitness Industry, both in London and NZ. Over those 15 years, I qualified as a fitness trainer, and group exercise teacher. I also opened and managed gyms, and ran a NZ gym franchise. This experience gave me a comprehensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and wellbeing.

Feeling the calling to teach yoga, I qualified as a yoga teacher in 2003.

Then, to deepen my knowledge of traditional yoga systems, I travelled to India, met my Guruji, did the Mt. Kailash yatra, attended Kumbha Mela, and travelled to numerous sacred sites across India, Tibet, and Nepal. This year will be my 15th India trip.

Over the 14 years of running my own yoga studio, Sadhana Yoga, I have taught around 6000 classes, and seen over 50,000 yoga students of varying experience levels.

A need to extend my academic knowledge and critical thinking, led me to become an undergraduate at Victoria University in Religious Studies in 2009. I taught and ran my studio during that time right through doing Honours.

Then, in 2016, frustrated with the growing consumeristic expectations of some of my yoga students, I embarked on and finished a Master’s degree in 2017. My thesis focused on consumerism in the New Zealand Yoga Industry.

I am qualified to teach yoga? Yes.

Ali says: “Yoga is my passion. I live and breath a yoga lifestyle. As many of you know, I have just complete my Master’s researching New Zealand Yoga Communities. This study has shown me the importance of having dedicated yoga teachers who can guide and inspire students to deepen their yoga journeys. Yoga gives us all the opportunity to focus our mind and breath, find balance, build strengthen, strengthen immunity & gain flexibility. Yoga is also about finding a deeper connection with the world around you.”

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Ali previously ran Sadhana Yoga in Miramar for 10 years. In 2017 she moved premises to Marton to open the New Zealand Yoga Centre



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