40 Day Yoga Challenge 2017

Congratulations to everyone who completed the 2017 40 day challenge!

Follow our 40 DAY CHALLENGE to see the day-to-day highlights, trials and triumphs of the brave people who are prepared to challenge themselves to 40 days of yoga!

Our 2017 participants are: Linda, Shirley, Cath, Paige, Sally

and Carmel (remote attendee)

Hello and welcome to the 2017 40-DAY YOGA & WELL-BEING CHALLENGE. This Challenge is hosted by Ali Hale Tilley of the NZ Yoga Centre, Marton. The 40-Day Challenge officially kick-starts SUNDAY 1st OCTOBER, 2pm to 3pm, and it invites you to start prioritizing your health, well being, and personal happiness! Learn self-management tools so you can dream big, and lead a fulfilling and satisfying life. Create a new relationship with your life vision. Best of all, choose the parts challenge that work for you. 

Over the 40-Day Challenge, you can elect to:

  • stimulate learning and gain life-skills from our 40DYC Workshop Series
  • bring your body & mind into balance through weekly Yoga Classes
  • address negative thoughts/behaviours with a FREE Yoga journal template
  • start your self-care by eating a ‘sattvic’ clean diet, using the 80-15-5% rule
  • sit for 5 minutes a day in mindful stillness and breathing – Daily podcasts   https://sadhanayoganz.com/podcasts/
  • celebrate positive group support, join our FREE INTRODUCTORY MEETING

Joining fee for Challenge participants is $10 (covers printed material and basic costs)


Hi Ali and fellow challengers
 My challenge is going mainly well. It has been a tough week at work and I have felt a bit off colour so good to have a focus that is different. I haven’t done as much yoga as expected due to ill health but concentrated on meditation which I wouldn’t normally do so that was a real positive. Even managed it on the plane on Wednesday  evening.
I have enjoyed the podcasts. Lots to think about and you are doing a nice job with your  voice Ali.  I assume I was looking at a photo of a funeral pyre. It didn’t  occur  to  me  I  might  see  that. I enjoyed the earth podcast. One of the things I’ve  been  thinking  about  lately is gravity. When my hips feel arthritic I feel like gravity is stressing them. Yoga helps me be with gravity in a more relaxed and friendly way by easing that stress. I also love to watch children discovering gravity. The cause and effect of dropping a crust from the high chair is a delight for kids and people who enjoy watching children learn.
Because I have only done a couple of yoga sessions this week  I have made listening to the podcasts an event. I have waited for darkness and turned on a string of fairy lights for relaxation and combined it with some breathing excercises. Makes me remember I  want  to  learn more about  this.
I haven’t  been  keeping a journal and would be interested in the template. Who knows. It might be my thing.
The eating has been fine. One of my daughters has been vegetarian  and  mainly plant based for a while so I know  what to do. It was good to announce my eating plan at work. My colleagues respect  it and stopped offering  me  treats. I was surprised  to  see an alcohol allowance but coffee  is my hard thing. Ideas around that appreciated.
It has rained  nearly  all weekend  here in Wellington. Had a very good yoga session in my lounge  this morning  and  a good hill walk this evening when the rain finally cleared. The birds sounded thrilled to be free  of  the  rain.
 All in all, a good first week – all considered. I will work on my espresso intake this week. I recommend ‘my darling lemon thyme’ blog and book for nice plant based nz food ideas.
Best wishes

Workshop Series@ NZ YOGA CENTRE

Sunday October 1st │3pm-5pm – Life Balance Workshop – Cost $20

Join Ali Hale Tilley for a practical skills-based workshop about how to balance the difference aspects of your life: work & family, learning & creativity, community & social life, personal well-being & relationships. Create an effective life balance chart and see what aspects of your life need more focus. This workshop allows you to harmonise your busy routines, guiding you to make practical life choices.

Minimum people 5 – maximum 12

Saturday October 7th │2pm-4.30pm – Vision Workshop – Koha $20

Mary Watson has been practicing and teaching for over 30 years. In conjunction with Sadhana Yoga, she will be offering you a chance to partake in a Vision Workshop. You will learn:

  • Two essential keys for tuning into your purpose.
  • A 5-point test for determining whether your dream is right for you.
  • Simple thinking-strategies that will guard you from fear, doubt and worry.

Minimum people 5 – Maximum 16

 Sunday October 15th │2pm-4pm – Time Management – Cost $20

Join Ali Hale Tilley for a practical skills-based workshop about managing time using relationships. Create your own life balance chart and look at what aspects of your life you want to change. This workshop allows you to see which aspects of your life need more focus.

Minimum people 5 – maximum 12

Sunday October 29th │2pm-4pm – Design a Home Yoga Practice 

Join Ali Hale Tilley for a practical workshop on creating a home yoga practice. Create your own tailor-made yoga practice sheet and find out tips that help you get into a weekly or daily yoga routine. This workshop allows you to build a strong yoga practice.

Minimum people 5 – maximum 12

Its only 40 days so I want to make a 100% effort!” — Andy

beetroot butterfly

During the 40 DAY YOGA CHALLENGE we aim to:

  • Practice at least 20 minutes of yoga 5 days a week … This is not just limited to practicing asana/ postures. Your yoga practice may include: karma yoga (the yoga of selfless service to others), bhakti yoga (the yoga of devoted action, giving service, gratitude, and ritual to a guru, teacher, or deity), seated meditation and japa yoga (reciting mantras and devotional songs). All these yogic acts may be included in the challenge.
  • Followed a strict vegetarian diet  using Ali’s 85+10+5% rule (see below), with an optional potluck gatherings.
  • Maintaining a strictly limited alcohol intake, with no synthetic drugs or food. This means: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday are alcohol free days. You can drink a limited amount of alcohol on Monday, Thursday & Friday. Women should not exceed 3 units in one sitting (9 units total per week). Men should not exceed 4 units (12 units per week)
  • Daily yoga journaling, which can be shared with the group on Monday evenings after class
  • Daily contemplation. Ali will be posting regular podcasts for you to listen to.

Best of all, you can pick what parts of the challenge you want to commit to and stick to them over 40 days

Start Up Class

We will kick off our 40 Day Yoga Challenge with a group meeting on Sunday 1st October 2017. A specialist yoga class on Mondays at 7.15pm will be followed by a group chat, strategizing how to get through the 40 days following a strict yogic lifestyle.

This is a great opportunity to get to know our fellow challenge participants and create a strong support network.


Nutrition ideas

During the Challenge we  follow Ali’s 85%+10%+5% rule for yogic eating

85% of each serving’ should include …
  • Any type of fruits, especially organic and/or locally produced fruits – including tomatoes, avocado,
  • Most vegetables (minimising or abstaining from onions, garlic, mushrooms and eggplant). This includes baked potatoes with the skins on. Make sure you have plenty of leafy greens such as spinach and kale.
  • Sprouts such as mung beans and sprouted peas
  • Whole grains and organic cereals, especially oats, whole wheat, quinoa, and brown rice
  • Beans, lentils, peas, tofu. This includes pinto and kidney beans, chickpeas, legumes such as peas, lentils, peanuts
  • Herbal teas (minimising caffeinated teas and coffee)
  • Dried fruits (like raisins, apricots)
  • Preparing and cooking with care, giving gratitude before eating
  • Vitamin C, which is found in many fruits and veggies, enhances the absorption of iron and minerals.

A tasty super-food smoothie includes whole food such as: organic milk, or soy/nut milk, probiotic yogurt (no gelatin), raw honey, coconut water, varied fruits such as: banana, avocado, stone fruit, pears and peaches, passion fruit. As well as raw nuts & unprocessed seeds. This allows us to drink amazing smoothies, sip freshly pressed fruit juice, eat fruit salads, and also enjoy ‘savory’ fruit salads made of tomato, avocado, cucumber, lemon etc. There is so much scope for yogic ‘fasting’. The general idea is to give the digestive system a rest by eating simple fresh foods.

Why not join us ‘remotely’

Up to 10% of each serving’ should include …

  • Organic and local dairy products, organic milk, butter, vegetarian cheese (no animal rennet), yoghurt (no gelatine), cream
  • Raw nuts and seeds, (not salted).  nuts and seeds. This includes organic unsalted peanut butter, tahini (sesame paste), and LSA (ground linseed, sunflower seed and almond)
  • Cold pressed oils such as sesame, sunflower, and olive oil
  • Raw sugar, honey, molasses, agave syrup
  • Sweet spices, like cumin, coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, mint, basil, turmeric, ginger, nutmeg, fennel

Up to 5% of the serving may include rajasic or tamasic foods

  • Garlic, onions, leeks, chives
  • spicy foods or salty foods
  • Fried foods
  • Aubergines
  • Tinned foods, except naturally canned organic beans, lentil, tomatoes and fruit
  • Chocolate or caffeinated drinks – coffee, tea, green tea
  • Alcohol (no more than 2 units in one setting)
  • Mushroom(tamasic)

Rajasic foods are those that a stimulating effect, leading to irritability and competitive tendencies. Tamasic foods are those that grow in the dark.

Strictly avoided

  • All meat and fish of all types, including eggs (NB soaked chia seeds make a great binding agent as a substitute to eggs)
  • Non-vegetarian cheese or halal gelatine
  • Animal fats or margarine
  • Processed, refined and/or artificial foods, including artificial sweeteners (chewing gum, breath freshers)
  • White flour, white sugar
  • Microwaved foods
  • Tobacco
  • Artificial stimulants – cola or energy drinks

If you would like to contact us, ask questions, or offer support we would love to hear from you:

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