Sleep well Seminar –

Do you long for a good night’s sleep? Do you ever lay away fretting you can’t drop off? Do you suffer from insomnia more often than you would like?

The Sleep Seminar, run by Ali Hale Tilley, discusses some of the causes of insomnia, and offers a useful pre-sleep checklist so you can set up an effective sleep routine. Ali will also discuss simple techniques that can help you drop off to sleep.
After the Sleep smart talk, Ali will lead sleep-specific yoga class, with helpful breathing techniques to help overcome insomnia (bring your favorite pillow/cushion as a prop). The yoga class will finish with contemplation exercises and a guided yoga nidra to promote deep relaxation.
Minimum number of attendees 7 maximum 12

All of this should lead you to a better night’s sleep.


Contact Ali to make an advance booking.

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Tree of life

The pictures, podcast and poems below illustrate the wonderful narrative of living, dying and expressions of grief.

These images will be turned into cards and posters that can be ordered and purchased from Ali at the NZ Yoga Centre. Any profits from the sale of these images will go to creating our yoga centre ‘Peace Garden’ in Marton, Rangitikei. (These images are subject to copywrite.)

For more information email Ali at



Funeral Day

Grief sat beneath the heart’s tree,
Mourning what was lost.
Tears welled up and formed a pool.
The pool spilled over into a stream,
The stream rushed out and merged with the great sea of emotions.

When those first tears reached the foaming tide,
Sea birds took flight, startled by the tears’ crystal intensity,
Moved by such gravity, repelled by the presence of unfathomable grace.

Rising to the surface, gentle fish carried each tear down to the ocean depths,
Seeding pearls of courage, compassion, and undying love.
The pearl mala I hold before you has been harvested from those raw emotions,
Shining now with the quiet beauty of liberated peace.


Each image is part of a narrative… the cock and bull, the honeybee and jay…


The king eagle represents my father’s death and his rising spirit. The image is borrowed from a poem that Dad wrote some years ago (see below). 30 years ago, Dad sustained a terrible injury from a fall 15 meters from a roof, which left him permanently blind and head injured. But, he still managed to lead a full life, and maintain incredible inner vision, as the poem below illustrates.


Dream River

A special kind of magic happened on that river run,
When Me-bunn-bia and Headway joined together, for some fun.
We were all shapes and sizes, but we didn’t give a damn
“‘Cause once we got our bums on seats,” it all fell into plan.
We paddled down the river in our Indian canoes,
It all seemed so instinctive,
We knew just what to do.
The scenery was fantastic, with its browns and greens and blue,
The hills rose up quite sharply and disappeared from view.
We rafted up the second day, where old gum trees had formed a bay,
Above us in a leafy glade, was dappled light and filtered shade.
There, a pretty kingfisher sat; just waiting for a silver sprat.
Along the banks were water fowl
And in the trees, a frog-mouthed owl.
Truly, this was nature at its best, where we had paused to take a rest.
Soon we were paddling on down the stream,
It seemed to me, to be a dream.
I raised my eyes up to the sky
That’s when I heard the eagles cry…
Free-ee, free-ee
They called to me
Then I thought in Aborigine…Mee-bun-bia (where eagles fly)
Where eagles fly, then why can’t I?
I bent my head, and said a prayer,
My body felt as light as air.
A rushing gust of wind swept by, it sucked me up into the sky,
Up above the world so high,
Like an eagle in the sky, and there was I; and I could fly!
I cried “Mee-bunn-bia, the air is clear” ; Mee-bunn-bia, I have no fear!”
I cried out “free-ee!!…” and spread my wings in ecstacy.
I wheeled and reeled and heeled and squealed;
“Free-ee, free-ee, now I can see!!”
If I can see then , so can you
And now I will tell you what to do;
You don’t give up, you don’t give in!
Keep on smiling – wear a grin.
Take a deep breath….say a prayer, before you know it,
You’ll be there.
Yes, a special kind of magic happened on that river run,
When Mee-bun-bia and Headway joined together for some fun.
Next time we pack-n-paddle, we will plan and we will prepare;
And you can tell’em down the Murray; you can tell-em we’ll be there.

By John Tilley



If you would like to invest in our ‘Peace Garden’ please consider placing an order for a pack of greeting cards or posters. Contact Ali for more info on postage and printing costs.


2018 Summer Timetable


Corner of Stewart and High Streets, MARTON

We will be running 6 classes a week between 
Tuesday 2nd January to Wednesday 24th January


Ali will be away on compassionate leave from Sunday 28th January to Sunday 4th February. a full timetable of classes will resume on Monday 5th January.



India 2017 continues …

IMG_0108 - CopyIMG_0058

We stayed overnight at the peaceful Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh and explored the stalls and shops along the back streets of Ram Jula


Yoga on the beach in the morning went from down dog to a pack of dogs … in a fun way.

IMG_0090IMG_0074 - CopyIMG_0077

The mountain views up towards the Kali Cave, behind Neelkund are tranquil and inspiring in their simplicity.


The overnight train journeys to and from Kashi (Varanasi) were very taxing for many of our group members  … but Max seemed to relax and go with the flow


Kashi is a magic city on the banks of the Ganga. You can find great street art everywhere!


One of the many high lights was breakfast on the roof after yoga and drinking amazing lassi!




We enjoyed a boat trip along the river and Kim took a short horse ride.IMG_0186


We spent a few hours relaxing in the tranquil setting of the Vajravidya Institute in Sarnath, a famous Buddhist enclave.


India is a deeply religious place and if you overlook the spiritual significance of its diverse cultures then you are likely to miss the vibrant essence of the day to day rituals



India update

So far the trip has been wonderful and members of the group have really bonded!



Delhi was hectic as usual, with plenty of weddings to liven up the streets!


We have visited Maya Devi Mandir and have walked up to Mansa Devi Mandir.




I danced along with bhaki devotees at Haki puri Ghat, Hardiwar


Rather than travelling around like VIP’s we have travelled by autorickshaw and have taken in many of the local sights.


Rishikesh is always popular with group members and we will stay overnight here at the Parmath Niketan ashram


India is a wonderful place to exlore the fact that we are all unique expressions of the cosmic flow. The trick is where you look to find inspiration, and what lens you use to look.



If you look down you will see rubbish. If you look up you will see monkeys. If you look and listen in you will find that you are the centre of universe … one that is asking you to tune in to the flow.



Dia de los muertos – podcast

Listen to a new podcast for dia de los muertos (day of the dead). Day of the dead marks the finale of a three day period where the veil between the living and the dead opens and mortals interact with the spirit world.

today we live

 a day to celebrate

tonight we sit  – with death

offering the departed favorite treats

amidst candles glittering on marigold petal graves

today we mourn

hearts lifted respectfully

tonight we sit – with spirit

offering heartfelt prayers

amidst the fiesta with gunfire sounding in the distant night


Ali – November 2, 2017



WORKSHOP: design a home yoga programme –


Would you like to have a yoga programme

that you can do at home or on holiday?

This great interactive workshop by Ali gives you the tools to design a well-balanced, personally suited yoga programme.



COST: $35

CONTACT: ALI  by email – or phone – 06 3274108

bookings necessary


What gurus can offer the dedicated yogi

My guru’s name is Ravanand Saraswati

Guruji passed into mahasamadhi on 24th October 2016.

This post is a tribute to his memory.

I met my guru at Maya Devi Mandir in Hariwar. He was a residing priest of the Juna Akhara order. His presence at this temple gave me a strong base and a tranquil refuge.

Guruji and I traveled all over India together, from Bharmour in the far north to Kanyakumari in the far south. We went to two Kumbha Melas together.

I may have never got to some of these amazing places without him.

kumbha mela sadhus

Guruji had a great sense of humour and could he also be very fierce. This paradigm reminded me that you don’t have to be such a serious or uber chilled person to be a yogi. Rather, yogis can be hilarious and wild when needed. Being authentic to one’s true self is a must. I pss these values on to my dear students.

All yogis should seek a true guru to grow and connect with.

A guru’s grace makes the world a better place

Om guruji, om devoji, om alakaji, om paramatmaji, om namonarayan Guruji!