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Starts Sunday October 1st, 2pm-5pm


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Ali Hale Tilley (BA hons, MA) is the director of Sādhana Yoga and the founder of the NZ Yoga Centre, Marton. Ali is a qualified yoga teacher who has been teaching yoga full time for 12 years. She recently completed her Masters study on “Yoga Communities in Aotearoa New Zealand” at Victoria University.

NZ Yoga Centre, 20 Stewart Street, Marton

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Do you rarely take “me-time”? Does your busy work-home-life balance mean that your personal well-being and self-care can suffer? Do you feel that belonging to a positive social group will boost your well-being? This 40-Day Challenge dares you to put your personal well-being and life vision first. When everything else demands your time and energy, learn how to take much needed time for yourself.

Join us on Sunday 1st October from 2 till 3pm for a FREE focus group hosted by the NZ Yoga Centre, in partnership with Sādhana Yoga NZ. Add your questions and thoughts to the discussion of taking valuable me-time.  


P: (06) 327 4108 – E: – W:


Hello and welcome to the 2017 40-DAY YOGA & WELLBEING CHALLENGE, hosted by Ali Hale Tilley of the NZ Yoga Centre, Marton. The 40-Day Challenge kick-starts SUNDAY 1st OCTOBER, 2pm to 3pm, and it invites you to start prioritising your health, wellbeing, and personal happiness! Learn self-management tools so you can dream big, and lead a fulfilling and satisfying life. Create a new relationship with your life vision. Best of all, choose the parts challenge that work for you. 

Over the 40-Day Challenge, you will:

  • stimulate learning and gain life-skills from our 40DYC Workshop Series
  • bring your body & mind into balance through weekly Yoga Classes
  • address negative thoughts/behaviours with a FREE Yoga journal template
  • start your self-care by eating a sattvic diet, using the 80-15-5% rule
  • sit for 5 minutes a day in mindful stillness and breathing – Daily podcasts
  • celebrate positive group support, join our FREE INTRODUCTORY MEETING

Come to a FREE Introductory Meeting │Sunday 1st Oct 2pm-3pm

To find out ‘Why you should join a 40-DAY GROUP CHALLENGE?’

***Attendance Free/ All welcome***

Joining fee for Challenge participants is $10 (covers printed material)


Workshop Series@ NZ YOGA CENTRE

Sunday October 1st │3pm-5pm – Life Balance Workshop – Cost $20

Join Ali Hale Tilley for a practical skills-based workshop about how to balance the difference aspects of your life: work & family, learning & creativity, community & social life, personal well-being & relationships. Create an effective life balance chart and see what aspects of your life need more focus. This workshop allows you to harmonise your busy routines, guiding you to make practical life choices.

Minimum people 5 – maximum 12

Saturday October 7th │2pm-4.30pm – Vision Workshop – Koha $20

Mary Watson has been practicing and teaching for over 30 years. In conjunction with Sadhana Yoga, she will be offering you a chance to partake in a Vision Workshop. You will learn:

  • Two essential keys for tuning into your purpose.
  • A 5-point test for determining whether your dream is right for you.
  • Simple thinking-strategies that will guard you from fear, doubt and worry.

Minimum people 5 – Maximum 16

 Sunday October 15th │2pm-4pm – Time Management – Cost $20

Join Ali Hale Tilley for a practical skills-based workshop about managing time using relationships. Create your own life balance chart and look at what aspects of your life you want to change. This workshop allows you to see which aspects of your life need more focus.

Minimum people 5 – maximum 12

Sunday October 29th │2pm-4pm – Design a Home Yoga Practice

Join Ali Hale Tilley for a practical workshop on creating a home yoga practice. Create your own tailor-made yoga practice sheet and find out tips that help you get into a weekly or daily yoga routine. This workshop allows you to build a strong yoga practice.

Minimum people 5 – maximum 12


Yoga Communities in New Zealand – A new study


To read this study, open the link below

FINAL Ali Hale Tilley, Yoga Communities in New Zealand, MA Thesis submission (1)

This ethnographic study by Ali Hale Tilley looks at the Aotearoa/ New Zealand (NZ) yoga industry, examining the ways that spirituality, secularism, and consumerism influence modern yoga practices. Tilley argues that people in New Zealand choose yoga practices for different ethical, physical, and social reasons, reflecting their diverse sociocultural values. More specifically, data gathered during fieldwork shows that the Wellington yoga industry contains at least three community subcultures, which she refers to as: 1) moral communities, 2) corporate communities, and 3) brand communities. This means that at the level of local culture, the NZ yoga industry represents a wide range of yoga practices, which in turn reflect the diverse needs, consumer expectations, and imagined ideals of resident populations. Yoga in NZ is currently under-researched, making this study a starting point for further inquiry.

Ali Hale Tilley is available to present findings of this new study at your  organisation or yoga centre.

Contact Ali by email:

Pairs and Pressure Point Workshop

This great new masterclass combines pairs work, with myo-fascial release.



Deepen your yoga practice and learn more about how to promote injury recover and tension release.

Bring a friend, family member or partner and learn how to transform your yoga with a combination of great techniques.

 Saturday 29th July – 2-4pm
 Advanced bookings require  Only $20 per person

New Zealand Yoga Centre

20 Stewart Street, Marton


P: 06 327 4108


Yoga in India

It is not too late to sign up for the next yoga trip to India


A guided yoga adventure is a wonderful way to travel somewhere you wouldn’t normally go alone. Our yoga journey allows you to take part in yoga, meditation and adventure in extraordinary locations.

The philosophy of each trip is about finding yourself in locations that are inspiring and transformational. Each tour is tailored around specific destinations, so they are fresh and evolving. This leaves plenty of time for adventure!


What people say …

It was an amazing trip.  Love it and loved our group.  We all shared something pretty special and I’ll remember it forever. – Steve

We both loved the group and thank you to all of you who made it such an amazing and memorable adventure. Special thanks to you Ali, who without, we wouldn’t have had the experiences that we did  – Kim

I thought we were a good group to travel together and experience so much. Thanks, Ali, for all your efforts and for sharing a small part of your India life with us. We are very lucky! — Liz

annabell meditation


A typical day will include:

  • Morning yoga, or evening meditation in amazing locations
  • Hiking to temples and sacred locations
  • Enjoying fresh juices, vegetarian food and healthy living
  • Shopping for treasures in great markets and bazaars
  • Relaxation time to recharge energy levels and refresh the mind
  • Fun group interactions about interesting aspects of the trip


India 076

Some locations in India are a carnival of colour and wild experiences, whilst others will provide a quiet journey for nourishment and relaxation. En route there will be regular opportunities to see different cultures, and live in the moment. This journey is about developing self awareness and embracing the dynamic world of far off places. 

Guided yoga trips are a great opportunity to visit somewhere you wouldn’t go alone, while still having the support from people you trust.

Day 1: Delhi – Arrive and acclimatize to the hectic vibrancy of the capital city!
Stay in the heart of Delhi and visit the Main Bazaar. Shop for pashmina scarves, silver jewellery and hand-made sandles. Eat at one of the famous ‘pure vege’ restaurants: cheap, cheerful and delicious!

P1010006  Delhi

Day 2: Haridwar – The relaxing morning trip by train to Haridwar takes about 5 hours. This journey gives us the opportunity to see the rural beauty of Northern India. The en suite rooms at the guest house are spacious and the staff are friendly. After lunch, we will visit Birla Ghat and put a leaf boat offering in the river. This journey allows us to experience real yoga.

P1020234 P1020544

DAY 3: Mansa Devi Mandir – Haridwar  We will do yoga in the morning then head up to Mansa Devi temple by foot. This famous temple overlooks the whole of Haridwar and the views are amazing. This temple sells heavenly perfumes and beautiful jewelled malas. We will come down by cable car which gives great views on the way down. Then, we will explore the main bazaar for pearl and crystal necklaces, sacred bling, and music cds etc. Followed by a visit to Maya Devi Mandir – a wish-fulfilling temple. In the evening we will visit Harkipuri Ghat.

Ali and Guruji Haridwar view

Day 4: Rishikesh  After morning yoga we will explore the wonderful town of Rishikesh! On this visit we will shop for yoga gear, catch up on emails, buy exquisite jewellery, get a massage, or eat great food.  Then we will wander down to Ram Jula, sit by the Ganga on the white-silver sands and absorb the divine setting.
ali's india 044

Day 5 – Adventure! We will go on a day’s adventure  up to the stunning wilderness beyond Rishikesh.  This is a day to be remembered, such a beautiful adventure!



Day 6: Your choice – relax in Haridwar or come on another amazing adventure!   Ali’ teacher will be our intrepid guide on another wild adventure. We will visit the stunning Kali Caves and stop into the local temple of Neelkund.


Day 7: Haridwar – Morning yoga and a visit to the river will be followed by a day to finalise shopping, packing, looking around and saying farewell to some warm generous people. In the evening will take part in the aarti at the temple, or visit Harikipuri Ghat, a vibrant place of international pilgrimage.


sacred rivers

Day 8-13: Varanasi –  Join us on the next leg of the journey to Varanasi one of the oldest cities in the world. We will spend 6 days exploring this wonderful town and going to local Buddhist town of Saranath.

Day 14: Return to Delhi for departure

Guided Yoga Adventure

  1. ACCOMMODATED TRIP: Cost $1890 includes room accommodation,  train tickets, and airport transfer from Delhi International Airport to our hotel in central Delhi. It also includes the organisation of trip itinerary, local transport costs, light breakfast and full lunch daily, yoga, meditation, expert local knowledge, and any small donations.

If you are interested on booking this trip email Ali @

The director of Sadhana Yoga, Ali Hale Tilley, is a highly experienced yoga teacher and tour guide who will lead you on yogic adventures that nourish mind and body, deepening your life experience.

Eco goddess – by Ali Hale Tilley

Here is a copy of my latest painting. The narrative of the eco goddess ties in themes of  politics, food production and profit-making. The notion of ecological wisdom does not just include the natural world, but also the ‘unnatural’ world of genetic engineering and the ‘supernatural’ world of sun cycles and deep space weather. The eco goddess is a figure that reminds us to lead green lifestyles and to be socially responsible in our choices.

eco goddess A5 This painting has been donated for the Greens’ Art Auction in Palmerston North, supporting local candidates Thomas Nash and Robin McCandless and the Greens 2017 election campaign.

The auction takes place on Friday 1st September 2017 at the Taylor-Jensen Gallery, George Street, Palmerston North.  The Auction starts at 6.00 p.m.

This painting has a reserve of $100 (an is not nearly as vivid coloured in real life)


Yoga during the school holidays

The NZ Yoga Centre in Marton is running a full timetable of yoga classes during the school holidays. If you have not visited us yet then it is time to put your trackie bottoms or leggings on and get into your down dog! 20 Stewart Street – Marton

timetable 2

No need to be able to touch your toes to do yoga. Yoga is about combining bodily movement with breathing and mindfulness. It’s a great way to become fit and healthy!

We also have a great new school holiday yoga programme for young people ages 11-17 years. This amazing workshop will produce positive changes in your youth.

yoga youth group 2

Please note Kids Yoga – Wednesday 3.45pm – will return after the school break. We are thinking about moving the kid’s Yoga class to a Thursday at 3.30pm. For more info email Ali at


yoga studio at NZ Yoga Centre Marton

Guru Purnima 2017 – Sunday 9th July


The lunar event of Guru Purnima is a worldwide celebration where yogis, students, and teachers all gaze at the mid-year full moon – a symbol of deep wisdom and inner-reflection. The full moon acts as an intermediary, spiritually and psychically connecting the wisdom and blessings of the teacher or personal guru with students or sādhakas.

Join Ali Hale Tilley from 5 pm -7 pm in a full moon meditation blessing. Ali will be sending empowerment to students and yogis via the full moon light on Sunday 9th July.

If you would like a special blessing on Guru Purnima email Ali at or Or receive a blessing from Ali in person by calling (06) 327 4108.

Listen to Ali discuss Guru Purnima in this free podcast – given in two parts

guru poornima 038

If you would like to make a small Guru Purnima donation to help develop the various spaces at the NZ Yoga Centre please jump online and make a payment to:

Sadhana Yoga 01-0504-0163452-00

Blessings to you on Guru Purnima – may health, love, happiness and illumination fill your life.