Yoga in India 2019

Ali will be in India from October 3rd to October 30th.

See below for the NZ YOGA CENTRE class timetable


Day 3 – 6th October Bathing in the river – Haridwar

Day 2 – 5th October Waiting to leave Delhi


Day 1/ October 4th

You have to keep your wits about you in Delhi. The Main Bazaar near New Delhi  train station is noisy and busy at the best of times. Currently it is Festival Season, so train seats are scarce and everyone is going somewhere to celebrate harvest in their home villages. I look forward to catching the train to Haridwar tomorrow. I got the last remaining ticket for the afternoon train!

Successes of the day include: finding the General Reservations office, a 10 minute walk outside the train station, to advance book 5 return train tickets for the group; and getting a 3 hour nap to catch up on jet lag!

You can follow Ali’s weekly India blog

October 3rd to October 12th, 2019: After bathing in the sacred Ganga at Haridwar, Ali will head up to Badrinath and Valley of Flowers high up in the Himalayas


October 13th: Ali will then return to Delhi and pick up her new India group and return to Haridwar to start the new trip.


October 14th – 19th: After 2 nights in Haridwar, we will visit Rishikesh, and stay at the beautiful Parmarth Niketan Ashram



October 19th – 22nd: After returning to Delhi, we will visit Guruji’s ashram in the rural area of Barsana. The village of Lodhauli is in the middle of wheat fields and Ali has taught yoga to local children.


At Guruji’s ashram, we will engage in a special lingam installation ceremony to honour Guruji’s mahasamadhi(passing)


October 22nd to 26th: After immersing ourselves in the country life of Barsana, the group will travel to the amazing city of Jaipur. We will do yoga in some extraordinary locations!


October 26th-28th: The group will return to Delhi for Diwali celebrations!

Ali’s weekly blog will be posted via her Facebook and website page

NZ YOGA CENTRE – October timetable

WEEK 1 – Ali will be here teaching 

  • Sunday 29th September – 9.30 am class will run as normal,
  • Sunday 29th September – INDIA BRUNCH from 12pm-2pm Ali and Milan will host a special India Brunch (RSVP essential)
  • Monday  30th September – classes will run as normal at 9.30 am and 6.00pm
  • Tuesday 1st October – classes will run as normal at 9.30 am and 6.00pm
  • Wednesday 2nd October – classes will run as normal at 7.00 pm


  • Monday 7th October –student lead classes 9.30am & 6.00 pm – $10
  • Tuesday 8th October – student lead class 9.30am – $10
  • Wednesday 9th October – Class with Milan – $10 koha (see Milan’s biog below)


  • Monday 14th October – student lead classes 9.30am & 6.00 pm -$10
  • Tuesday 15th October – student lead class 9.30am – $10
  • Wednesday 16th October – Class with Milan – $10 koha (see Milan’s biog below)


  • Monday 21st October – student lead classes 9.30am & 6.00 pm – $10
  • Tuesday 22nd October – student lead class 9.30am – $10
  • Wednesday 23rd October – Class with Milan – $10 koha  (see Milan’s biog below)


  • Monday 28th October – student lead classes 9.30am & 6.00 pm – $10
  • Tuesday 29th October – student lead class 9.30am – $10
  • Wednesday 30th October – Class with Milan  – $10 koha   (see Milan’s biog below)

Milan has been practicing yoga for 17 years and has been coming to Ali’s classes since 2008. Like Ali, he has a Masters in Religious Studies and has travelled India extensively. He attained his certification as a hatha yoga instructor at Yoga Darshanam in Mysore, India. His classes are always tailored towards the students present in each class, but in general he focuses on strong, dynamic and aware practice.


A normal timetable of classes will resume throughout November

Follow our yoga journey to India!

A guided yoga adventure is a wonderful way to travel somewhere you wouldn’t normally go alone. Our yoga journeys allow you to take part in yoga, meditation and adventure in extraordinary locations.



The philosophy of each trip is about finding yourself in locations that are inspiring and transformational. Each tour is tailored around specific destinations, so they are fresh and evolving. This leaves plenty of time for fun and adventure!



 If you are interested in finding out more about our next trip, drop Ali an email at


What people say …

It was an amazing trip.  Love it and loved our group.  We all shared something pretty special and I’ll remember it forever. – Steve

We both loved the group and thank you to all of you who made it such an amazing and memorable adventure. Special thanks to you Ali, who without, we wouldn’t have had the experiences that we did  – Kim

I thought we were a good group to travel together and experience so much. Thanks, Ali, for all your efforts and for sharing a small part of your India life with us. We are very lucky! — Liz 

              shoppingannabell meditationManasa Devi

The tour groups are small, made up of 5-8 adventurous people. This style of travelling is not for the faint-hearted. Typically we visit holy towns, such as Haridwar, Rishikesh, and Devprayag, in Northern India. We travel by train, bus, auto rickshaw and taxis.


Ali’s most recent guided tour left Wellington to India at the end of 2017. Our itinerary took in 4 cities over a two week period. We visited the holy town of Haridwar, and experienced deeper dimensions of yoga traditions.


We shopped for jewelry, pashminas, hand knitted wool and yoga gear in the stunning town Rishikesh.


We traveled into the stunning countryside of northern India and enjoyed the serene Himalayas.


We then traveled across India and experienced the vibrant holy city of Varanasi/ Benares.



This contrasting experience allows you to be both deeply reflective and fully enriched by an authentic yoga experience.

Morning yoga in Varanasi


A typical day will include:

  • Morning asana, or evening meditation in amazing locations
  • Hiking to temples and sacred locations
  • Enjoying fresh juices, vegetarian food and healthy living
  • Shopping for treasures in great markets and bazaars
  • Breathing and chanting  to free the breath and voice
  • Relaxation time to recharge energy levels and refresh the mind


To make an inquiry today  email Ali at  P1030339

Some locations in India are a carnival of colour and wild experiences, whilst others will provide a quiet journey for nourishment and relaxation. En route there will be regular opportunities to see different cultures, and live in the moment. This journey is about developing self awareness and embracing the dynamic world of far off places. 

India is a wonderful place …P1020872  to rediscover what it feels like to feel aliveIndia 076
IMG_0190 IMG_0064 - Copy  IMG_0200

Day 1: Delhi – Arrive and acclimatize to the hectic vibrancy of the capital city!
Stay in the heart of Delhi and visit the Main Bazaar. Shop for pashmina scarves, silver jewellery and hand-made sandles. Eat at one of the famous ‘pure vege’ restaurants: cheap, cheerful and delicious!


P1010006  Delhi

Day 2: Haridwar – The relaxing morning trip by train to Haridwar takes about 5 hours. This journey gives us the opportunity to see the rural beauty of Northern India. Arriving in Haridwar, we will check into my favourite guest house. The en suite rooms in Haridwar and Rishikesh are spacious yet basic compared to Western standards. This yogic austerity helps us detach from home comforts and overcome our dependence on luxury.

After lunch, we will visit Birla Ghat and put a leaf boat offering in the river. We will then visit Ali’s favourite wish-fulfilling temple ‘Maya Devi’ to make blessings for a great trip! By the way, ‘real’ yoga incorporates Bhakti Yoga, the act of compassion and devotion. This journey allows us to experience real yoga.


P1020234 P1020544P1020232

DAY 3: Mansa Devi Mandir – Haridwar  We will do yoga in the morning then head up to Mansa Devi temple by foot. This famous temple overlooks the whole of Haridwar and the views are amazing. This temple sells heavenly perfumes and beautiful jewelled malas. We will come down by cable car which gives great views on the way down. Then, we will explore the main bazaar for pearl and crystal necklaces, sacred bling, and music cds etc. Followed by a visit to Maya Devi Mandir – a wish-fulfilling temple. In the evening we will visit Harkipuri Ghat.

Ali and Guruji Haridwar view

Day 4: Rishikesh  After morning yoga we will explore the wonderful town of Rishikesh! On this visit we will shop for yoga gear, catch up on emails, buy exquisite jewellery, get a massage, or eat great food.  Then we will wander down to Ram Jula, sit by the Ganga on the white-silver sands and absorb the divine setting.


 Day 5 – Adventure! We will go on a day’s adventure up to the stunning wilderness beyond Rishikesh.  This is a day to be remembered, such a beautiful adventure!


Day 6: Your choice – relax in Haridwar or come on another amazing adventure!   Ali’ teacher will be our intrepid guide on another wild adventure. We will visit the stunning Kali Caves and stop into the local temple of Neelkund.

P1030135 - CopyP1010795

Day 7: Haridwar – Morning yoga and a visit to the river will be followed by a day to finalise shopping, packing, looking around and saying farewell to some warm generous people. In the evening will take part in the aarti at the temple, or visit Harikipuri Ghat, a vibrant place of international pilgrimage.

inside kali cave

009  Rusanand

Day 8: Varanasi –  join us on the next leg of the journey to Mathura and Barsana. Then onward again to Varanasi.



Guided Yoga Adventure

  1. ACCOMMODATED TRIP: Cost $1850 includes room accommodation,  train tickets, and airport transfer from Delhi International Airport to our hotel in central Delhi. It also includes the organisation of trip itinerary, local transport costs, light breakfast and full lunch daily, yoga, meditation, expert local knowledge, and any small donations.

If you are interested on finding out more about our next  trip email Ali @


The director of Sadhana Yoga, Ali Hale Tilley, is a highly experienced yoga teacher and tour guide who will lead you on yogic adventures that nourish mind and body, deepening your life experience.


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