Yoga Meditation

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MIDWINTER SOLSTICE CELEBRATION:  The next event – Sunday evening 22nd June – will celebrate bringing warmth, light, vitality and nourishment to the depths of the Winter Solstice. As there are limited spaces, advanced booking is essential. Please email for further details.

Easter Sunday Meditation Ritual 2014 :   On Easter Sunday, eleven people gathered at Sadhana Yoga Studio (9 Park Road, Miramar) for a very special Meditation Ritual. There were two set criteria for this event: 1) that we would all celebrate the five elements, earth-water-fire-air-sacred space; 2) that each person would actively participate in the ritual, rather than passively observe. No one anticipated the core value and nourishing possibilities of such group collaboration. Everyone contributed something totally special and unique. EARTH People designated to represent earth shared beautiful fresh flowers from the garden, providing visual enjoyment and honouring the ancestors. Special crystals were passed around, clearing negativity, and for the purpose of deep contemplation. ‘Bliss balls’, fresh bananas and fejoas were handed out, nourishing our bodies and our taste buds.  A piece of coal was placed on the shrine, a symbolic offering Durga as the light of the Gods. WATER Cats’eyes (spiral doors of sea-snails), were shared amongst the group, reminding us of the importance of transitions between outer and inner worlds, and between land and sea. A teapot filled with fresh water, retrieved from a local creek in Houghton Valley, reminded us of the sound of fresh running water and became the receptacle of our prayers and wishes. Scared water from the upper Ganges (India) was passed around, cleansing our karmic layers. Wine with goji berries and organic berry tea was served to quench peoples’ thirsts. FIRE People designated to be guardians of fire brought candles that reminded us to illuminate our awareness, to break the bonds that limit us, and igniting creativity. Other candles were offered to heal the heart, awaken spirit, and bring courage. Candles to the Goddess Durga guided inspiration and insight. Also, stunningly good plum liquor made from produce sourced from a private orchard in Motueka supplied us with warm internal fire. AIR The guardians of air gave us bubbles to blow, symbolising our aspirations. This reminded us how important it is to breathe deeply and mindfully. Fragrant herbs acquired from the urban landscape reminded us that memories can be planted in the mind, shaping the future not just the past. Scented dhoop, sourced from goddess temples in India, burned on a shrine dedicated to the Goddesses. Protective calendula oil was handed out and rubbed into the skin, creating a protective barrier between skin and air. Also, scented ‘Goddess oil’ was offered, so we could breathe in sacred energy. SACRED SPACE The yoga studio was turned into a sacred receptacle for meditation and shared ritual expression. Amazing hand mudras were conducted, connecting actions and meaningful expression. Individuals moved throughout the space gracefully, sharing their elemental formulas, their gifts of knowledge and shared offerings. The sound of mantra and Tibetan bowls permeated the space during meditation allowing people to sit with their thoughts. At the end of the evening people continued contributing by deconstructing the sacred space and returning the yoga studio to working order.   Everybody who attended participated and became integrated in an evening of ritual and meditation. Because this event was such a success, another event will be scheduled. The next event will celebrate bringing warmth, light, vitality and nourishment to the depths of the Winter Solstice – Sunday 22nd June, from 7.30pm. As there are limited spaces, advanced booking is essential. Hope to see you there!

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