Guru Purnima teaching

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Contemplating the 5 dimensions of the Guru

The full moon rise on Guru Purnima allows us to contemplate our layered identities by ritually enacting our dedication to the Guru.  At this time, the moon is both a formula and a vehicle of transmission.

As we observe this special full moon, we are given an opportunity to set aside our material dependencies and connect with the vital fluidity of the moonlight, as reflection of the Guru’s grace.

During contemplation, the moon disc becomes a dynamic symbol, focusing our love and gratitude for all the inspirational teachers throughout time. The moon also helps transmit the Gurus’ blessings worldwide.

The archetypal Guru works on different dimensions, revealing the ‘inner guru’ within the devoted student.  In this Guru Purnima formula, we reimagine ourselves merging with the light of the archetypal Guru, ideally through the moonlight: 1) the archetypal guru, Śiva, taught the secret knowledge of yoga to his first student, Pārvati; 2) Pārvati, the archetypal mother goddess, transmitted the esoteric teachings of yoga to her progenies through the inspiration and recitation of Tantric sūtras; 3) the Guru’s wisdom and love inspired  linages of great sages and teachers ; 4) in receiving inspired teachings, the inner guru is illuminated within the devotee; 5) during the Guru full moon, the inner guru merges into the tranquil grace of the Primal Guru and his consort. At the same time, the love of the archetypal Goddess allows spiritual awakening to occur, dissolving all barriers and limitations.

Like a never-ending cycle, where a rain drop  falls upon a moonlit lake, then embarks on a long journey finally merging into the sea, the inner guru absorbs the moonlight and is blessed with the transmission of divine wisdom, epitomised by the Primal Guru and his divine consort.  We reimagine ourselves imbued with the wisdom and light of the Guru – as archetypal guru, mother, sage, self, and selfless devotee.

Blessing to all the students and great Gurus on Guru Purnima!

Sri Digambara Vishambranand, Ravanand Saraswati & Alakananda Saraswati

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