Meditation – starts this Wed. 30th July @ 7.30pm

When meditation has been successfully practiced, one attains the realisation of the presence of one’s own consciousness, the various distractions and obstacles are no longer present (YS 1:29-32 – Gerald James Larson)



If you are interested in practicing meditation to still the mind, and reduce the emotional triggers that produce stress and anxiety, we will be holding an 8 week series of meditation starting on Wednesday 30th July, at 7.30pm. Over the 8 week series you will  learn practical meditation skills, integrating breath, self-awareness, concentration and relaxation.

Meditation allows us to take time to find peace, calm and insight in the inner space of being, which creates more balanced energy to cope with the demands of a busy life. Drop-ins are welcome, however, the benefits of meditation come with making a regular time for practice.

This class is free to people who are signed up to come to India in our forthcoming trip – See Yoga Retreats!

Email Ali on for more information.