Meditation – ‘Red Moon’ Lunar Eclipse – Wellington

 red moon again

Red moon at midnight – Wellington October 8, 2014

a moon

There is a total eclipse of the red moon in Wellington on Wednesday night, 8th December 2014, which starts around. 9.17pm. To acknowledge and prepared for this event, we will be conducting a special meditation at Sadhana Yoga between 7.30pm and 8.30pm.

In Wellington, the Prenumbral Eclipse begins at 9.18pm and it will take another hour for the full eclipse to actually start. The total eclipse peaks at 11.55pm. During this time the moon will slowly turn ‘red’.

This also means that for those of you who are keen, your meditation can effectively continue till midnight (in your own chosen setting) when the total eclipse peaks.

Eclipses are a special time for reviewing our life’s journey, reviewing disruptive influences and letting go of painful attachments. This shift helps make space for healing and personal growth. A ‘blood moon’ lunar eclipse provides a great opportunity to think about changes that might need to take place in our close personal relationships, and well as changing our emotional habits and de-cluttering our lives.

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