Yoga in India, broadening your horizons

These wonderful pics of India (courtesy of the gorgeous Annabelle)  – featuring Haridwar, Rishikesh, and the rural Himalayas – show the abundance of natural beauty, wild adventure locations, and us goofing around and journeying off the beaten path into the heart of India.

group selfie ali and lizali in rishikeshgangaflowing   autorickshaw mountains morechillum  russanand

cows  dosa guruji and annabelle inside kali cave  kalicave  sunset perfectionleafboat       pilgrims ghats haridwartahia   group 3

Most Westerners only get as far as the German Bakery in Rishikesh. However, these great pics might tempt you to join us next time.

You can either meet up with the next group trip in Wellington, Sydney, Delhi or Haridwar.

Simply contact your adventure tour guide and resident yogi Ali, or see the tab YOGA ADVENTURES for more details

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