Being vegetarian in a ‘fomovore’ world …

Penny the Pig

“A fomovore is a carnivore who fears they will miss out by not eating meat…” Ali Hale Tilley (4 days out from the 40 Day Challenge)

Adult vegetarians can easily get their necessary iron and minerals from cooked kidney beans or chickpeas, legumes (such as peas, lentils, peanuts), baked potatoes with the skins on, dried fruits (like raisins) and nuts, vegetarian cheese (such as feta, and mozzarella), whole and enriched grains (like wheat or oats), and leafy green vegetables (like broccoli and kale). Vitamin C, which is found in many fruits and veggies, enhances the absorption of iron and minerals.

Also, vegetarians can easily get the right amount of protein from eating a variety of protein-rich sources such as quinoa, nuts, peanut butter, tofu, beans, seeds, soy milk, grains, cereals, and vegetables. The average adult woman requires around 45 grams of protein per day.  The average man requires 55g per day. Many health foods can be combined together to form the right amino acid balance. For example:

  •  Chickpeas, sesame seed paste (tahini), olive oil and lemon juice make hummus, which can be eaten on whole wheat as an excellent protein source
  •  Mung bean shoots, nuts and seeds can be put in a delicious vegetarian stir fry, with or without tofu
  • Quinoa makes a great warm salad when combined with roasted roots veges and fresh beetroot
  • Homemade buckwheat pizza with mozzarella, made with lashings of fresh herbs and tangy tomato sauce, goes down a treat with most people
  • Black-eyed peas and vegies make up mouth-watering Mexican tortillas. Add vegetarian cheese if you want to bump up the flavour
  •  Sunflower seeds and fruit as a snack are an excellent protein source
  •  Lentils and wholegrain pasta can be combined to make Italian spaghetti
  • Organic baked potatoes with skins, filled with corn and cheese are packed filled with protein and nutrients, especially with a green side salad
  • Non-gelatine yoghurt can be added to milk, LSA & banana to make a great energy booster.

Children who are vegetarians can get the right nutrients needed, especially if they follow diet that allows some animal products, like eggs and milk. This type of ovo-lacto vegetarianism can provide growing children with enough calcium, vitamin B12, and protein.

Ali and Rabbit

On the other hand,  children and adults who eat a vegan diet will need to increase their consumption nuts, nut milks and seeds to gain the nutrients needed to maintain good health.

For more information on Vegetarian eating for children see:

Lastly, the beautiful little child in this video makes great case for vegetarianism … fomovores take note!

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