Day 14 – Yoga Challenge continued …

buckwheat pancakes

Maree reports:

Today, due to an infection I am having trouble ridding myself of I had a craving for something comforting and sweet but also fresh and green.  I remained true to the sattvic diet while also satisfying those needs and nourished myself with buckwheat pancakes topped with slice green apples sautéed in a little butter and cocoanut sugar and drizzled in manuka honey and sliced almonds.

With a mind fogged with painkillers and a body starting to feel quite weary with chemicals I decided that the benefits of a yoga class would outweigh and discomfort I might experience and I was right.  Nothing eases mental and physical discomfort like a series of beautifully guided asanas, the skill, authenticity and care of your teacher and the combined energy of your yoga community.

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