Kind attention Yoga teachers

As some of you know, I have been working tirelessly over the past 2 months on behalf of all professional Yoga teachers in NZ on an ‘Application for Review’, appealing to ACC (Accident Compensation Commission) to reclassify the ridiculously high Levy fees for Yoga Teachers in NZ.
I am also trying to get ACC to give Yoga teachers an independent Classification Unit and Bic code, thereby stopping Yoga teachers from being classified in the same group as Aerobics instructors and downhill Skiing instructors.
I have Statistical proof from the Official Information Act that Yoga has extremely low injury rates in comparison to Dance and Ballet teachers. Yoga teachers also make far less claims than sports like netball and football instructors (i.e. medium-risk sport is the group we are classified in). Yet as Yoga teachers we are paying one of the highest levy fees out of all New Zealand Industries. It makes no sense!
Next Sunday – June 21st – is the first UN International Day of Yoga. It is an important time to act. I  need you to spread the word and pressure ACC, our government Ministers etc.
Hopefully, my ACC application reduces Yoga teaching levy fees for Yoga teachers in the future, bringing us in line with similar teaching disciplines which have much lower levy fees – like Dance Teachers, Personal Trainers, and Fitness Centre Operations. Why should we be penalised like high intensity sports?
I appreciate that many of you have signed my online petition. This has been included in my Application. If you haven’t yet signed, please do and spread the word.
I hope to find some resolution soon.
There will also be a public submission to ACC in September, so hopefully we get another chance at effecting much needed change. Millions of dollars are being taken out of our collective pockets and are now lining ACC’s coffers. Let’s be aware of the penalties against us diligent hard-working yoga teachers.
Please contact me if you are prepared to help in some way.
Kind regards,

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