Guru Purnima Celebration – Friday 31st July

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Guru Purnima (‘Guru Full Moon’) is a special celebration occurring once a year. The ‘Guru Full Moon’ allows students around the world to develop an ‘attitude of gratitude’, paying respects to long-standing yoga teachers, Gurus, and spiritual helpers.

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All yoga students have an opportunity on this day to visit their favourite yoga teacher or Guru on Guru Purnima. Students traditionally pay respects for what they have learned, and show appreciation for the lessons and help offered by the teacher over past years.

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Things people do on Guru Purnima:

  • Make an offering to their Guru or yoga teacher
  • Offer sattvic food to holy people, or yoga community
  • Sit in audience of the teacher or guru
  • Meditate on clearing the spiritual path for the coming year
  • Receive blessings by the guru

med 13 Ali and Guruji

Join Ali at Sadhana Yoga – 9 Park Road, Miramar – for a special Guru Purnima celebration. Ali will be at the studio from 3pm – 7.30pm on Friday 31st July, offering satsang to anyone who wants to drop by. This is your chance to spend time with a teacher who has diligently served the yoga community of Miramar for over 8 years, and has been a fierce advocate of the Wellington Yoga Community.

GandalfAli sadhu

Ali’s Guru Saraswati lineage –


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