Yoga in Spain – A report from Ali


I am currently in Granada (Spain), renewing my India visa, and have started doing preliminary interviews of yoga participants. This test study is in preparation for my Masters on the subject of ‘Yoga spirituality and consumerism in New Zealand’s Yoga Industry’.
 So far, I have chatted to four different people (all women – two British, two Americans) and got some great insights into where they think spirituality fits into yoga as a consumable product.  All ‘informants’ were enthusiatically engaged in the subject and were relaxed having a stranger approach them and ask them questions. These initial test results are heartening, informative and also give me confidence that the process of interviewing people in NZ will be fruitful.
If any yoga students are willing to be interviewed in March 2016 please email me at I would really love to chat with you about your experiences!

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