Yoga Studio in Miramar – yes or no?


If you want Sadhana Yoga (est. 2007) to keep running in Miramar, join our an open discussion –

Friday 1st July, Sadhana Yoga, 9 Park Road – 6pm.

In our meeting on Friday 1st July, we will chat about the future of our local yoga studio in Miramar. Your response will help prevent the relocation of up to 10 yoga classes/ week.

Ali on couchOn August 1st 2016, Ali (the founder and director of Sadhana Yoga) will be taking back over the reins from Valentina Turri, who has done a great job of looking after the business over the past year. However, Ali wants to run the studio sustainably, and this means people will need to become members to keep the studio open in its current location.

The only way the studio will survive is for people to become members by the 1st July. Becoming a member of a Yoga Collective is easy.


Here is what is on offer:

  •  Core Membership:$98/month for any two classes per week
    •  bonus extra: you can nominate a ‘favourite person’ to use your membership when you are away**
    • This works out at $23/week or $11.50/class
    • Pay fortnightly or monthly – minimum 12 month term
  •  Core couples Membership:$108/month – for a couple (i.e. you live together as partners)
    • A couple can use one membership and attend any two separate classes in the week (i.e. you cannot come to the same class at the same time)
    • This works out at $25/week or $12.50/class
    • Pay fortnightly or monthly – minimum 12 month term
  •  Regulars Membership:$138/month for up to 5 classes per week
    • bonus extra: nominate a ‘favourite person’ to use your membership when you are away**
    • This works out at $11/class if you come 3 times/week; $8.50 if you come 4/week; and $4/class if you come $5/week
    • Pay fortnightly or monthly – 12 month term
  •  Key-holder Membership:$108/ month for open access to the studio
    •  These people would be expect to do additional duties for the studio and extra services for the teacher. Therefore, there will be a limited number of key-holders (5) and these people will be personally selected by Ali
    • Key-holders may only access the studio for personal yoga/meditation practice and must sign in each time they use the studio. Key-holders are not permitted to bring friends to private practice sessions.
    • 6 month term 
  • 2 Karma Yogi Membership:  This person will do 2 hours deep cleaning a week in exchange for up to 2 classes.
  • Casual rates– $20/class – this is only available if there are spaces in classes

**Favourite person details:  If you are going away on holiday for longer than 7 days, or are facing an extended recovery period due to surgery or injury you can nominate a favourite person to use your membership for a specified period. This special offer does not apply if you skip classes because you are too busy or are out of town for less than a week. The nominated favourite person must be registered on your membership card at the time of joining or you can make a written request for exceptional circumstances.


If you have any questions about becoming a member of our new Yoga Collective, meet Ali at Sadhana Yoga this Friday at 6pm for an informal discussion. Or, email Ali at for further inquiries.

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Please note: If this Yoga Collective does not go ahead, Ali will teach locally on Sunday and Monday evenings. Email Ali at for more info

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