Guru Purnima 2017 – Sunday 9th July


The lunar event of Guru Purnima is a worldwide celebration where yogis, students, and teachers all gaze at the mid-year full moon – a symbol of deep wisdom and inner-reflection. The full moon acts as an intermediary, spiritually and psychically connecting the wisdom and blessings of the teacher or personal guru with students or sādhakas.

Join Ali Hale Tilley from 5 pm -7 pm in a full moon meditation blessing. Ali will be sending empowerment to students and yogis via the full moon light on Sunday 9th July.

If you would like a special blessing on Guru Purnima email Ali at or Or receive a blessing from Ali in person by calling (06) 327 4108.

Listen to Ali discuss Guru Purnima in this free podcast – given in two parts

guru poornima 038

If you would like to make a small Guru Purnima donation to help develop the various spaces at the NZ Yoga Centre please jump online and make a payment to:

Sadhana Yoga 01-0504-0163452-00

Blessings to you on Guru Purnima – may health, love, happiness and illumination fill your life.

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