Join the new 40-Day Yoga & Well-being Challenge


Starts Sunday October 1st, 2pm-5pm


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Ali Hale Tilley (BA hons, MA) is the director of Sādhana Yoga and the founder of the NZ Yoga Centre, Marton. Ali is a qualified yoga teacher who has been teaching yoga full time for 12 years. She recently completed her Masters study on “Yoga Communities in Aotearoa New Zealand” at Victoria University.

NZ Yoga Centre, 20 Stewart Street, Marton

Join in remotely if you live out of town

Do you rarely take “me-time”? Does your busy work-home-life balance mean that your personal well-being and self-care can suffer? Do you feel that belonging to a positive social group will boost your well-being? This 40-Day Challenge dares you to put your personal well-being and life vision first. When everything else demands your time and energy, learn how to take much needed time for yourself.

Join us on Sunday 1st October from 2 till 3pm for a FREE focus group hosted by the NZ Yoga Centre, in partnership with Sādhana Yoga NZ. Add your questions and thoughts to the discussion of taking valuable me-time.  


P: (06) 327 4108 – E: – W:


Hello and welcome to the 2017 40-DAY YOGA & WELLBEING CHALLENGE, hosted by Ali Hale Tilley of the NZ Yoga Centre, Marton. The 40-Day Challenge kick-starts SUNDAY 1st OCTOBER, 2pm to 3pm, and it invites you to start prioritising your health, wellbeing, and personal happiness! Learn self-management tools so you can dream big, and lead a fulfilling and satisfying life. Create a new relationship with your life vision. Best of all, choose the parts challenge that work for you. 

Over the 40-Day Challenge, you will:

  • stimulate learning and gain life-skills from our 40DYC Workshop Series
  • bring your body & mind into balance through weekly Yoga Classes
  • address negative thoughts/behaviours with a FREE Yoga journal template
  • start your self-care by eating a sattvic diet, using the 80-15-5% rule
  • sit for 5 minutes a day in mindful stillness and breathing – Daily podcasts
  • celebrate positive group support, join our FREE INTRODUCTORY MEETING

Come to a FREE Introductory Meeting │Sunday 1st Oct 2pm-3pm

To find out ‘Why you should join a 40-DAY GROUP CHALLENGE?’

***Attendance Free/ All welcome***

Joining fee for Challenge participants is $10 (covers printed material)


Workshop Series@ NZ YOGA CENTRE

Sunday October 1st │3pm-5pm – Life Balance Workshop – Cost $20

Join Ali Hale Tilley for a practical skills-based workshop about how to balance the difference aspects of your life: work & family, learning & creativity, community & social life, personal well-being & relationships. Create an effective life balance chart and see what aspects of your life need more focus. This workshop allows you to harmonise your busy routines, guiding you to make practical life choices.

Minimum people 5 – maximum 12

Saturday October 7th │2pm-4.30pm – Vision Workshop – Koha $20

Mary Watson has been practicing and teaching for over 30 years. In conjunction with Sadhana Yoga, she will be offering you a chance to partake in a Vision Workshop. You will learn:

  • Two essential keys for tuning into your purpose.
  • A 5-point test for determining whether your dream is right for you.
  • Simple thinking-strategies that will guard you from fear, doubt and worry.

Minimum people 5 – Maximum 16

 Sunday October 15th │2pm-4pm – Time Management – Cost $20

Join Ali Hale Tilley for a practical skills-based workshop about managing time using relationships. Create your own life balance chart and look at what aspects of your life you want to change. This workshop allows you to see which aspects of your life need more focus.

Minimum people 5 – maximum 12

Sunday October 29th │2pm-4pm – Design a Home Yoga Practice

Join Ali Hale Tilley for a practical workshop on creating a home yoga practice. Create your own tailor-made yoga practice sheet and find out tips that help you get into a weekly or daily yoga routine. This workshop allows you to build a strong yoga practice.

Minimum people 5 – maximum 12


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