What gurus can offer the dedicated yogi

My guru’s name is Ravanand Saraswati

Guruji passed into mahasamadhi on 24th October 2016.

This post is a tribute to his memory.

I met my guru at Maya Devi Mandir in Hariwar. He was a residing priest of the Juna Akhara order. His presence at this temple gave me a strong base and a tranquil refuge.

Guruji and I traveled all over India together, from Bharmour in the far north to Kanyakumari in the far south. We went to two Kumbha Melas together.

I may have never got to some of these amazing places without him.

kumbha mela sadhus

Guruji had a great sense of humour and could he also be very fierce. This paradigm reminded me that you don’t have to be such a serious or uber chilled person to be a yogi. Rather, yogis can be hilarious and wild when needed. Being authentic to one’s true self is a must. I pss these values on to my dear students.

All yogis should seek a true guru to grow and connect with.

A guru’s grace makes the world a better place

Om guruji, om devoji, om alakaji, om paramatmaji, om namonarayan Guruji! 

























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