India 2017 continues …

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We stayed overnight at the peaceful Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh and explored the stalls and shops along the back streets of Ram Jula


Yoga on the beach in the morning went from down dog to a pack of dogs … in a fun way.

IMG_0090IMG_0074 - CopyIMG_0077

The mountain views up towards the Kali Cave, behind Neelkund are tranquil and inspiring in their simplicity.


The overnight train journeys to and from Kashi (Varanasi) were very taxing for many of our group members  … but Max seemed to relax and go with the flow


Kashi is a magic city on the banks of the Ganga. You can find great street art everywhere!


One of the many high lights was breakfast on the roof after yoga and drinking amazing lassi!




We enjoyed a boat trip along the river and Kim took a short horse ride.IMG_0186


We spent a few hours relaxing in the tranquil setting of the Vajravidya Institute in Sarnath, a famous Buddhist enclave.


India is a deeply religious place and if you overlook the spiritual significance of its diverse cultures then you are likely to miss the vibrant essence of the day to day rituals



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