IMG_1022 (Medium)

This fantasy self portrait of the Medicine Buddha illuminates out of the darkness. By viewing the central image, our psyche awakens with the use of lapis blue, turquoise, sadhu pink and gold. The crystal lapis bottle in the bottom left corner of the painting contains healing nectar, which is meant to alleviate pain, hunger, distress, poverty, and thirst. The Naga Guru at the top of the picture protects us from the damaging influences of ignorance and fear. The cobra rises up fiercely, protecting us from toxicity and harm. The Guru hold a bottle of bliss elixir, an antidote for all poisons. The rabbit at the bottom right corner symbolises long life, deep compassion and freedom to all beings.

The over-arching narrative of this picture is heal yourself, and heal the world.

I originally drew the image of this Buddha under the instruction of artist Ella Brewer 13 years ago. Bringing it to life with colour last week allowed me to find expression for my urge to help heal others and heal the sicknesses of the planet, in this case through art. Some of the motifs of the painting are further explained in the accompanying podcast.

I digitally added text to emphasize the fact that this image is under copyright, and also is for sale. If this image is sold money will go towards an air ticket to visit my guru-grandfather at Kumbha Mela, January 2019.

kind thanks — Ali


celebrated around the world July 27th 2018


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