Guru Purnima 2018

new-piktochart_30324433 (1)

Guruji and I traveled all over India together. From Bharmour in the alpine north to Kanyakumari in the far south. He was such a special kind person and he always allowed me to be myself. Guruji passed into mahasamadhi in October 2016. I miss that deep connection but he has taken up residence in my heart so he is always with me.

Many of my yoga students met Guruji when they joined me on our yoga trips to India.

Guruji and I visited two Kumbha Melas together.

I will be making a special puja to him with my students on Saturday night – 28th July 2018.

Om guruji, om devoji, om alakaji, om paramatmaji, om namonarayan Guruji! 

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