Yoga over boulders

This Sunday, the yoga group and I ventured out to the Whitecliff boulders just north of Ohingaiti (SH1). This incredible world class site offered us the perfect place for deep yoga retreat and contemplation.



To get to Whitecliff boulders you have to follow Peka Road to the very end, and walk across farm land for about an hour. After a steep descent you arrive on the banks of the Rangitikei River. The boulders are just on from there.



There is such a magical air about the forest, with trees growing in and around moss covered rocks. IMG_3007.JPG


Keraru, Tui and fantails created a beautiful soundscape for our yoga & meditation. Berries and leaves covering the forest floor were multicolored and soft underfoot.IMG_3026.JPG


The rocks have such a presence about them and the sanctity of the place reminded me of amazing temple sites like Kamakya Temple in Assam. Awesome day. Awesome group of people!


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