Sunday Yoga Book club

This class  applies deeper knowledge to the different paths of yoga


Week 4 (28th July) invites participants to research the path of Karma Yoga, and chose a reading that is interesting. Ali will supply a set reading for week 4 for those people who find online research challenging. Tip: put ‘karma yoga’ in the google search engine or look up the wikipedia page

Week 3 will focus on the same subject – What is Yoga?”.  This approach gives us a depth of knowledge to build on, and allows us to compare our new reading with previous readings. different aspects of Karma yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana yoga and Raja yoga give people the opportunity to work with which ‘path’ best suits your personality.                Read pages 6-7 of Yoga Mind Body by the Sivananda Vedanta Centre

Weeks 1 & 2: The last two readings looked at different aspects of what yoga means, and how yoga changes in different cultures and eras.
  1. Read the selected pages closely, or focus on a particular passage.
  2. As you read, answer these 3 questions: What do you like about this reading? What don’t you agree with? Is there anything you find confusing or want clarified?
  3. Reflect on what you think about the article/book/ passage.
  4. Make notes if you want to clarify your thoughts
  5. Discuss your ideas with members of the Sunday Book club

‘Yoga Book Club’ SUNDAY 9.30 am -11 am – cost $15

  • Doors will open at 9.20 am sharp for silent contemplation.
  • Please enter quietly and put your mat your mat down in a mindful way.
  • At 9.30 am Teacher-led conversation will continue for 15 minutes
  • A ‘normal’ yoga (active postures, breath work, mudras, therapeutic work) will follow on from there.
  • See you there!


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