Hotpools and Snow

Wairakei Thermal Pools Taupo

On our yearly pilgrimage to Wairakei Thermal Pools, just north of Taupo, we met with snow. As we travelled north from Marton, we saw snow drifts as far south as Taiahape. Cows and sheep in icy fields grazed carefully through the snow drifts. Everywhere was bright and cold. Clouds lifted to show a clear blue sky!

From the deep snow drifts of the Desert Road, Mounts Ruapehu and Ngāuruhoe ruled supreme. We pulled over on the Turiko Mountain Road and I ran joyously into the snow drifts and paid homage to the mountains.

At the hotpools, we soaked in temperatures ranging from 30 degrees celcius to 40.6! The silica infused waters were sublime, all fed from a natural geyser only a few hundred metres away. Members of the group and I soaked and chatted and spent quiet time taking in the amazing setting. Such an amazing place! We will do it all again next year … fingers crossed!

Why not join us next time? Email Ali at or call 06 327 4108 for more info.

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