Yoga for Round the Bays runners

Runners… are you preparing for Round the Bays?

Yoga and running may seem poles apart, but if you don’t stretch properly you can develop a number of serious biomechanical issues:

  • Tight hamstrings and calves lead to back pain
  • Tight hipflexors, put strain on the sacroilliac joint
  • Tight upper body can restrict O2 uptake, and reduces overall performance
  • Tight muscles, increase the chance of serious muscle pulls and tears whilst running along the route

Our Runners workshop on Saturday 9th Feb at 9.30am can help runners learn how to stretch effectively. We will look at basic biomechanics, what muscles are used and how to stretch them.

For more information, and to book in, email: or call (04) 387 7213 and leave a message with a landline for a call back.

It is a myth that runners don’t need to stretch. Long muscles mean great performance, less stiffness and less risk of injury.

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