Meditation on the purification of five elements

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Pancha-Bhūta-śuddhi – Purification of the five bodily elements –

Purification of the five body elements, known as pancha-Bhūta-śuddhi, is found in the Devi Bhagavatam.

We can purify the body elements using breath, mantra and visualisation. The objective of this meditation is to transform the ordinary body, making a new subtle body filled with dynamic cosmic energy.

The elemental substances used in our pancha-Bhūta-śuddhi ‘ritual’ includes: salt and sesame (earth), tulsi and rose tea (water), white sage and candle (fire), Ayurveda perfume, ‘scent of samadhi’ (air), sacred ash (space, mind). These will be consumed and applied as tilaks to aid the process of self-transformation.

Earth dissolves into water …

  • We envision the body made of earth, formed from the mineral substances of the primordial ocean.
  • We see the subtle body made up of pink crystalline salt and minerals found on the shores of this ocean.
  • We physically taste salt and sesame and let them dissolve into saliva. We imagine the residues of our past actions (karma), be cleansed and purified by the flow of fluid within the mouth.
  • We imagine dissolving the ego, brittle and dry like the remains of shells and husks.
  • Also we think about forming the right conditions that ripen the seeds of potential growth.
  • We repeat the mantra – OM-LAM-OM creating a sonic resonance within the earth-body.
  •  Sound helps transform the body made of earth.
  • We visualise the sacral lotus floating on the sea of nectar.
  • Sound transforms mind, just as water transforms earth.

If you would like a transcript of the full mediation please email Ali –, or come to meditation Wednesday 7.30pm.

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