Labour Day: Monday 27th Oct

Sadhana Yoga is offering two FREE classes for Wellington Free Yoga Day

Yoga del Sol –  with Mona: 9.30AM-11.00AM

“A class filled with music and mantra, paired with integral pranayama. This will be a class to bring us out of our ego-consciousness and into the true part of us that is changeless. This creative practice will integrate asana, flow, and kundalini; a mix to stimulate the senses!”

Pairs & Partners Yoga – with Ali: 11.30AM – 12.30PM (2 people = twice the fun!)

Do yoga with someone you like: friend, partner, family member! Pairs Yoga deepens each posture, creating a warm buzz from bodily contact and smooth transitions. This is the yoga of reciprocity- give and take!”

This event is a way to expand and integrate our yoga community, introduce new students to yoga, and develop the yoga skills of current students. We look forward to seeing you there … first to come are first on the mat!

** There will also be a normal 6pm Yoga class Monday night, but no 7.30pm class!

Wednesday 29th Oct – 19th Nov/ 7.30pm:

COURSE – 4 week meditation course

This is a meditation intensive for people with previous meditation skills, who want to continue their practice and commitment to deeper aspects of yoga. Cost: $12.50/ class

  • We will let off Fireworks after meditation on Wednesday 5th November/ 9pm – this meditation will be on the elements of sound and light!

Saturday 15th Nov/ 4pm-5.30pm:

WORKSHOP – Designing sacred spaces

Sacred spaces heighten natural beauty & energy — Shrines honour and focus sacred energies Altars channel and ground energy during rituals — Do you love being in amazing spaces?

Learn about the elements needed to make your own sacred space. Cost: $20

Wednesday 26th Nov/ 7.30pm:

FOCUS GROUP: Yoga or Bhoga?

Do you care if the yoga class you are in is bhoga (self-seeking worldly pleasure)?

New trends within yoga have shown that when teachers disregard yoga’s original aims (achieving inner perfection and peace) practices becomes liable to hybridisation and legal disputes.[1] For example, in 2013, Bikram Choudhury (founder of Bikram Yoga), initiated a number lawsuits claiming intellectual property infringements on his yoga sequences and seeking legal recourse against competing yoga studios and teachers.

If the original aims of yoga, to seek inner perfection and peace, are being overlooked what aspects of our human experience are being perfected in the postmodern context? Or, are some forms of contemporary yoga actually bhoga in disguise?

This focus group will discuss the balances between yoga and bhoga. Cost: Free

Saturday 29th 5.30pm:


Do you want to catch up with some of the interesting people who frequent Sadhana Yoga, or reconnect with our vibrant yoga community after being away or busy, or even come and say goodbye to Ali and the India group before they head off on a yoga adventure? If so, stop in for tea and a chat, or bring a bottle of your favour beverage and toast the holiday period.

We would  love to see you at any one of these events!

The studio will officially close 14th Dec  and reopen on Monday 5th January, 2015

  • Kara-Leah’s class will run at 9.30am Tues & Thurs till the 14th December
  • If you are committed to coming to yoga in December, please email Ali and she will look into arranging cover teachers for popular classes (required numbers, 10 people/ class)

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