Wellington Free Yoga Day


Wellington Free Yoga Day 2014

Today Sadhana Yoga, in Miramar, offered two free classes as part of Wellington Free Yoga Day. There was a great turn out in both classes and we got to see lots of new faces. Keep an eye on this page for the latest photos and comments as they roll in …

Yoga del Sol  was taught by Mona: 9.30AM-10.45AM

Over 18 people got to enjoy Mona’s class, which filled with music and mantra, and pranayama. Mona’s aim for this class was bring us out of our ego-consciousness and into the true part of us that is changeless.

Pairs and Partners Yoga  – Taught by Ali: 11.30AM – 12.30PM, Sadhana Yoga

Ali instructed a pairs and partners yoga class, and around twenty people did yoga with friends, family members and partners. Pairs Yoga helps deepens each posture, and creates a warm buzz from bodily contact and smooth transitions. Pairs yoga is the yoga of reciprocity – which means we give and take in equal measures. This special class allowed us to build closer ties within the yoga community of Wellington and enjoy the energy of others in the Sadhana Yoga studio space.


This event was a great way to expand and integrate our yoga community, introduce new students to yoga, and develop the yoga skills of current students.

For more information of Sadhana Yoga’s up & coming workshops see our EVENTS CALENDAR …

For more information on Wellington Free Yoga Day see:




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end relaxation

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