40 Day Yoga Challenge – reflections on Day 1 & 2 by Srimala


Srimala (Maree) wrote:

Guruji!  Day One of the challenge ran like a dream.  All I needed in my day after our class and challenge kick off was a berry/banana/yoghurt/honey smoothie.  And that was after an early rise of 0440 in order to attend the [Anzac] Dawn Service.  Had I not been fasting I would have grazed from about 8pm until bedtime, pretending that was acceptable or that a slight craving meant by body required whatever pantry treat I was feeding it and then wake the next morning with food guilt – or a food hangover as I call it. Instead I awoke, did a quick mental stock take of the last hours before bed and realised I had no food hangover, no guilt or disappointment that I had mindlessly given my body unnecessary feeding.  What a wonderful way to rise and what a beautiful frame of mind to be in as I began my day.

Nourishment today [Day 2] was wholemeal toast smothered with banana, broccoli lightly sautéed in a lemon butter with almond slithers and later in the day a handful of raisins for sugar.  Roast pumpkin and chickpea curry planned for dinner followed by a smoothie. I was able to fill in my yoga journal with pride today. —Mxx

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