Meet Kyra … Amanda’s new yoga baby!

shivaratri 5
Beautiful Amanda (pregnant on the left, next to Srimala/ Maree) has just blessed us with a photo of her adorable baby Kyra. Kyra was fully present in Amanda’s tummy during the last 8 1/2  months of yoga at Sadhana Yoga Studio in Miramar. What a perfectly divine yoga baby … already practicing sleeping goddess pose (supta baddha konasana)!


Amanda wrote:

Send my thoughts to the yogis and please thank them for there thoughts and energy. I am deeply grateful for the energy and space you provided, this supported me in remaining calm during the medical induction and spiritually whole throughout the process.

Much love and good energy to you wise womyn, may you be blessed with beautiful calmness and continued wondrous energy. X
‘The wound is the place where the light enters you’ — Rumi

One thought on “Meet Kyra … Amanda’s new yoga baby!

  1. Oh welcome to the world beautiful, much anticipated Kyra! Your divine mother has been taking such very good care of you, cherishing and nourishing you while you have been waiting to enter the world and we have all watched on with admiration and excitement. Much aroha to you all xxx

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