Day 2 – Yoga Challenge

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“its only 40 days so I want to make a 100% effort!” — Andy

  • More recipes …
  • Invitation to Matui/ Somes Island
  • 2 hours of contemplative silence (mauna)
  • Tonight’s potluck dinner

More great recipes ideas …

simones smoothie

Simone’s delicious berry smoothie and Annabelle’s stunning green goddess salad!

Anabelle's salad

Annabelle’s delicious mixed salad & green goddess dressing recipe

Mixed green salad with raw beets, cucumber, carrots, fennel and lots of seeds and a green goddess dressing.

Dressing: avocado, parsley, lemon, apple cider vinegar, 1 clove garlic, pinch of salt and pepper

Invitation to Matiu/ Somes Island

Exciting news: Terese McLeod, kaitiaki of Matiu/ Somes Island (and fellow super yogi Challenger) has invited the group over for a lunch/picnic at the end of our challenge. We will also do a yoga class on the Island……

Terese says: The first ferry to the island leaves Queen’s Wharf at 10AM arriving to the island at 10:20AM and leaves the island for Queens Wharf at 4:25 arriving on the wharf at 4:45PM.  It’s my recommendation to make the most of the day as once you factor in the travelling time, climb up the hill, island gear shifts and a look around etc time goes.” 

2 hours of contemplative silence (mauna)

 Mauna– मौन – Taking a vow of silence means not talking with anyone so that we can contemplate mindfully and be present with the self. Today Ali will combine her contemplative silence with tidying up the kitchen and preparing food for tonight’s potluck. She will use the concept of bhakti (devotional activity) and put love and devotion into the preparation of an organic pear, walnut and fennel salad.

Tonight’s potluck dinner

pot luck dinner

Simone shared details of our first ‘pot luck’ dinner:

“The first pot luck dinner was a fantastic feast filled with a variety of flavours. Each dish represented a wonderful mix and match of flavours and personalities: there was Andy’s curry vegetables packed the Indian spices; Sarah’s sautéed roast potatoes  with tangy yoghurt sauce; Vivienne’s unsurpassable yummy dhal; Terese’s wholesome steamed root vegetables; Annabelle’s chickpea and spinach masala, Simone’s [delicious] Cashew and Green Pilau, Ali’s completely organic carrot, walnut and fennel salad; and for desert Lilian made amazing date, cranberry and  cacao bliss balls. Annabelle hosted us all at her home with such a genuine welcome. We all had a wonderful time talking about yoga and religion.
Our next pop luck dinner with a Mexican theme will be hosted by Simone in two weeks time.”

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