Day 4 – Yoga Challenge

  • Inspiring food pics by Maree
  • Insightful quote sent by Milan
  • Insightful reflections by Terese

Here is a fab picture of Srimala Maree’s coconut chia and raspberry pudding.

maree chia

  • Insightful quote

Big rain here in Wellington today. My dear friend Milan sent me this today. Sorry that I don’t have the author’s link yet… nonetheless, it is so so true.


  • Insightful reflections by Terese

A few days in, A few days to reflect…

What’s astonishing to me is that the food is not at all the issue I thought it would be.  The sattvic kai (food) is really interesting and tasty, and, I am increasing my mindfulness everyday in caring about creating and eating quality kai – it’s starting to make a huge difference.

The most difficult aspect I’m struggling with is committing to attend challenge classes, my standing yoga classes, and, challenge potlucks!

My job requires working weekends on a range of field trips, some of them rare and priviledged.  One cool field trip is in the middle of a Saturday challenge class and Sunday yoga, which is to excavate 50 individual extinct moa birds from a swamp in Taihape.  A moa excavation of this kind was last done in the 1960’s!  It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, even for the seasoned archaeologists I work with.

However, a fellow challenger made a point in class, that it’s only 40 days.  Does giving the challenge 100% require 100% pure committment and solidarity to the kaupapa, is missing a class, a potluck, inadvertently having a coffee or any blacklisted item, is breaking any of the rules once or a few times, less than 100%?  For me it is, one class missed can easily lead to two classes missed, one coffee here is another coffee there, so until I have better control of my lifestyle its 100% on!

Excellent Terese!  Thank you for you commitment. Your efforts will inevitably inspire others.

4 thoughts on “Day 4 – Yoga Challenge

  1. Terese’s reflection on Day 4 struck a chord with me. Like that our ātaahua wahine Terese I have not yet truly struggled with food but am aware that due to time constraints with work and family I will probably find practice every day a struggle. Her public commitment to find a way every day is just what I needed to read to get me up and preparing my candle for my drishti and getting on the mat. Love to all, especially my fellow challenge yogis.

  2. Hi Ali,

    I did my first at home class using Yoga Daily app that has sessions took a picture of the app. I must admit I prefer your instruction. At the end of several poses it states “with the last inhalation return to the usual position” I didn’t think there was a usual position. It makes me laugh. Though it does have various sequences of poses. I like knowing what next pose to do.

    I’ve drunk more herbal tea today and feel better can’t wait for next class. enjoying my food as it seems so wholesome. My only crave is eggs but I won’t give in!


    1. Excellent Simone, keep up the good work! Maybe up your protein to help with the egg cravings … or look at balancing your amino acids by eating a balanced sattvic diet.

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