Day 5 – Yoga Challenge

Milan's sunset Last night's 'sadhu sunset' by Milan
  • Quote for the day
  • Ali’s quests for adventure
  • Insights from Vivienne

“You sow an action and reap a habit. You sow a habit and reap a character. You sow a character and reap a destiny. What you are today is the result of your past. It is all habit. You can make and unmake it through thoughts and deeds.” Swami Sivananda.  

Ali Table Mountain

My passion for travel & adventure started young, as you can see from this photo of me standing at the edge of Table Mountain CT. Below, this mani stone photo was taken when I did the Kailash Yatra in Tibet, crossing the Dolma-la pass without an official guide (2004). Today I yearn for new adventure — Ali.

Ali in Tibet with Mani stones

Challenge Insights from Viv…  ‘The Bains of Trying to Practice at Least 30 Minutes of Yoga When People are Painting the Outside of the House’ – To the north-east, there is a man on scaffolding at window-level scraping away old paint. The sounds of fingernails on chalkboard in totally maddening. You can hear it wherever you are in the house. To the south-west, a man painting with the Rock FM playing. I walked about the house for a while, with my yoga mat, trying to discern a place that was quiet enough to practice without anyone looking in the window. Impossible. Yoga mat too small for bathroom. I have given up for the moment and have seated myself on the bathroom floor with the door closed, writing this yoga journal entry….(minutes pass)… Now I’m curled up in bed, the loud electric grinder is now vibrating the house. Curtains closed, National Radio BLARING – I’m attempting to drown it out.  


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