Day 7 – Yoga Challenge


Ali’s morning meditation in Kilbirnie

This morning I did 30 minutes meditation concentrating on the dew drops on the grass. As I sat in the morning rays, the Doppler drone of traffic wove petrol fumes over the ocean’s background roar.

Sitting with eyes half closed, I also saw UV streams hitting my eyelashes. The visual effect of lash and light created opalescent strands of spectral colour, streaming, swirling, mesmerising. My mind drifted off to a memory of that Shiva temple in Bhubaneshwar, where priests refused my entry because I was ‘non-Hindu.’ Never mind that I was in sadhu garb, had a Guru-ji in Haridwar, taught yoga to survive, and was strict vegetarian … “Noooo, you no Hindu.”

Back in Kilbirnie by my lemon tree, a little insect warmed its wings in the solar rays. Birds chirped in the spaces between the din. The sun burnt off the dew. I pulled my sadhu blanket tighter around me and wondered if the blanket, like the mind, also held memories of Indian travels past: wood fires, government buses, temple sanctums, Ganga’s flow, the grit and grime of Arakanshan Road, and the dust of pilgrimages past … and now the austere practices of Day 7 on our 40 Day Yoga Challenge.

DCIM101GOPROcobweb 4

2 cobwebs … Ali’s in the morning … Milan’s at dusk

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