Day 8 – Yoga Challenge

image15 P1030540

Wall classes … Reclaimed stolen bike! … Weekend in the Wairarapa … Challenge confessions …

image11 Annabelle's retreat

  • Wall Classes

Both yesterday and today, we hit the ‘wall’ and did some challenging postural adaptations. Wall classes are where all the postures are done against a hard surface. This form of yoga makes you realize just how difficult it is to achieve good postural technique. The wall works to support and strengthen the skeletal system, making it harder to cheat any posture!

  • Reclaimed stolen bike!

bike thief P1030543

 Ali reports: Today I was walking past the reprobates and vagabonds of down-town Kilbirnie and there was my stolen bike sitting right beside them at Countdown! It wasn’t even locked up. So I grabbed it, and immediately a scruffy busker ran over and said, “that’s my bike miss!” I stood my ground (all 5′ 2″ of me) and replied, “No its not, its mine, and I have given the CCTV footage of the theft to the Police if you want to take it any further.” The busker backed down and all the lowlife no-gooders looked down sheepishly at their rolly cigarettes. The good thing about bike thieves is that they often cursed with foolishness. It feels satisfying to have my blue myka bike back in my possession. Big thanks to Daminda at the Roxy for helping with the CCTV footage. And the techies at Burkes bikes who helped keep an eye out.

 image1 Annabelle's lunch

  • Wairarapa weekend.

Annabelle and Sara gave apologies to the Challenge group and did their yoga, silent contemplation and sattvic eating over in the beautiful Wairarapa. Thanks to Annabelle for sharing her pics! It is great to see you can stay true to the Challenge even when with friends on an away-break.

Also, for anyone visiting Greytown, over in the Wairarapa, you would be well advised to stop in for lunch at Food Forrest Organics, 101 Main Street Greytown. This place has an excellent organic store, and also an beautiful vegan café  with a huge back yard, where they grow organic produce. The food is stunning!  

  • Confessions of our Challengers

With week one of the Challenge down, it was time for us to confess any transgressions. For the most part, people stayed on the righteous yogic/sattvic path (Terese was exemplarily)… however there were lapses that needed discussion. Only one person had to pay a penance.

You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny. –Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

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