Day 9 – Yoga Challenge

full moon rising 2

Tonight’s full moon in Scorpio, rising in Wellington at 5:03 pm (99.5% full), represents remembrance and helps us shed light on old memories and past events.

The intensity of this moon, in conjunction with Antares at the red heart of constellation Scorpius (look East), also allows us to examine the connection between previous emotional upheavals and our current patterns of behaviour. The Scorpio moon shines a soft bright light into the dark recesses of our shadow selves, bringing hidden things to light so that we can recover the truth and move into healthier relationships with people who matter, food, consumption of material goods, and of course ourselves.

Simone reports: “Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the benefits of a healthy diet, especially now, having increased my intake of green leafy vegetables. This is why when I see people with fish and chips I am glad I am not eating deep fried fat. That’s what keeps me committed on this 40 Day Challenge.”

Ali comments: Tonight I will be making a special ritual fire after sunset and sending cosmic protection and compassion to all the Challenge yogis and people on the yogic path. I will also be sending special cosmic blessings and gratitude to the kind the people who donated special things this week: Liz (flowers for the shine); Milan (dhal); Jo (Soap nuts); Tatiana (chocolate cake); Maree M (kombucha tea); Gillie (Bay of Plenty lavender); Sue (fresh fruit); Jenny (organic bread); and Mary (Visual diary and pen). Your generosity is a gift that will be shared for the benefit of the many.

DCIM101GOPRO  image7

Back to the Scorpio full moon: “The ruby Heart of Scorpius [Antares] is the 16th brightest star in our sky and one of the most gigantic stars known… both the Arabic and Latin names for the star Antares mean “heart of the Scorpion. If you see this constellation in the sky, you’ll find that Antares does indeed seem to reside at the Scorpion’s heart.”


Click to access May-east-2015.pdf

Lastly, in the Northern Hemisphere this full moon is known as the ‘Beltane’ full moon. Beltane is a Gaelic ritual fire festival celebrating the start of the pastoral season, which enhances fertility and growth of cattle and crops.

May we all burn away delusion and live in full cognition of our role as healers, helpers, teachers, and students of life.

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