Day 20 – Yoga Challenge

We are officially half way through our 40 Day Challenge! Congratulations and well done to our Challenge participants, and thanks to everyone who supported us this far.


“The first 20 days of sattvic living has been as sweet as butterflies drinking nectar!”

Over the last 20 days we have practiced the primary codes of yoga …

The yamas:

  • ‘Ahimsa’                      Non-harming – Acting with kindness & compassion (see Day 15)
  • ‘Satya’                         Truthfulness – Honesty to self & others (see Day 12 continued)
  • Asteya’                       Non-stealing – Looking after personal belongings (see Day 6)
  • ‘Brahmacharya’          Countenance – Self-control & self-restraint (see Day 14)
  • ‘Aparigraha’               Greedlessness – Sharing food, not overeating (see Day 16)

The niyamas

  • ‘Shaucha’                    Personal purity– body, thoughts, actions (see Day 9)
  • Santosha’                   Contentment – Not complaining, acceptance (see Day 4)
  • ‘Tapas’                         Ability to withstand hardship, personal strength (see Day 5)
  • Svadhyaya’                Self-study – Looking at your actions and reactions (see Day 17).
  • ‘Ishvara-prandhana’   Devotion – Emersion of self into the sacred life (see Day 10)

This first half of the 40 Day Challenge has shown us that Yoga can be far more integrative than just practicing asanas (physical postures).

Over the next 20 days we will integrate the 8 limbs of Yoga and report back our findings…

There are essential benefits available for anyone who applies the full 8 limbs of Yoga:

  1. yamas (moral codes) provide social responsibly
  2. niyamas (personal codes) provide self discipline
  3. asanas (physical postures) provide health and wellbeing
  4. pranayama (breath control) provides vitality and clarity
  5. pratyahara (sense withdrawal) provides restful introspection
  6. dharana (concentration) provides mental focus and cognitive strength
  7. dhyana (meditation) provides insight and mindfulness
  8. samadhi (complete absorption) provides union with collective consciousness

Next, Shiv our honorary Challenge member shares his favourite recipe:


 Shiv’s ‘totally delicious Rice Pillau with chickpeas, lentils, and caramalised onions (mujaddhara)’. 

Shiv says: “The best recipe I’ve found is at this link:”
The only variations I make are these.
Once the onions (and I add in garlic too) are softened and caramalised, I then add my spices – I used a teaspoon of smoked paprika, teaspoon of tumeric, I used cumin seeds rather than ground cumin, and a teaspon of a curry mix power that I got from the Spice rack in Petone.  You can use any combo of spices.
I use real chickpeas (ie. not canned) takes a while longer as you have to soak them the day before but they are much better than canned.
And, it’s better to use a stock than just plain water.  Vege stock if you wanna go vegan.
It’s a wonderful middle eastern variation on standard Pilau which I adore and eat pretty much most weeks.  The other thing that I’ve added on occasion are dates, and sundried tomatoes.
Try it out – it’s worth the effort.

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