Day 21 – Yoga Challenge

Pa Pa 2 photos by Terese

The Eastern Peninsula, overlooking Wellington Harbour entrance, is the perfect place on a fine day to meditate, silently contemplate, or do yoga.

Terese reports: I’ll cruise up to Oruaiti Pa site tomorrow morning and meditate while looking over the Wellington Harbour entrance, I think of my painting when I am up there. 

Please note: Terese may be doing silent  contemplation so if you say hi to her she might just smile, wave and stay silent 🙂

varja yogini 2 
       Here is the painting Terese commissioned from Ali

The waka at the Oruaiti Pa site represents spiritual protection of the entrance to Wellington Harbour. For more information on its construction see:

photo breaker bay 3                photo of Yoga at Point Dorset by Sarah


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