Day 23 – Yoga Challenge

Sunday stick Ali Sunday fire 2

Our Sunday night satsang (in Sanskrit sat =true, and sanga = company) deeply enhanced our yogic quest on the 40 Day Challenge. Satsang is a spiritual gathering that gives more meaning and community spirit to the every day life of dedicated yogis.

Sunday group 2

Sunday crew Sunday fire2

We talked openly around the fire about our experiences on the Challenge, and discussed the deeper truths of yogic life. 

Sunday cake 2

We also ate amazing food on our Spanish-themed potluck dinner! Terese’s  Torta de Santiago with Pitcairn Island honey, edible viola flowers, and probiotic yoghurt was mind-melding! The rest of the fare was outstanding.

sunday food 2 sunday food

Sunday food 3 sunday food 4

As expected, Day 23 set to a beautiful still Autumn evening, making it perfect of a fire-lit gathering! Ali let off fireworks as the Challengers departed.


Thanks to Maree, Terese, Sarah and Milan for these photos

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