Day 24 – Yoga Challenge

Ali reports: today I cycled along the new Leonie Gill Pathway, from Queens Drive to Rongatai, on my way to write my journal on Lyall Bay beach.



The pathway is a great way to bypass the busy traffic of Kilbirnie. Smooth ash-felt cuts right through the backyards of suburbia.



Being a solo agent with no kids, no car, no pets, no sports interest, I have a like-loathe relationship with Kilbirnie, which is all about cars, kids, pets and sports interests.


Fortunately, surf was up at Lyall Bay and there were plenty of surfers in 10mm wetsuit catching right-hand breaks on beautiful waves. I got a couple of pages of my Yoga journal written before it was time for lunch at Lorraine’s.


Sometimes life in the ‘burbs feels like a fishbowl, with everything distorted by the convex of commerce and the cul-de-sacs of our daily rounds. Then all of a sudden natural beauty breaks through, inspiring awe and soul-stirring reverence.

Wellington sunset

thanks to Nigel for the sunset snap

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