Day 36 – Yoga Challenge

 — Debrief

Today we had a special debrief  session, looking at the likes and dislikes of the 40 Yoga Challenge. This debrief helped shape the possibilities of future Yoga Challenges.

Jen liked:

  • karma yoga (being more proactively engaged in the wider community)
  • dietary changes (cutting out meat, refined and processed foods)
  • 2 hours of silence and mindfulness meditation

Jen found challenging:

  • The extra time and money needed to organise and maintain a sattvic diet within a family

Maree liked:

  • Eating no meat, or refined flour, sugar or processed foods
  • Finding sugar replacements
  • karma yoga (being more proactively engaged in the wider community)
  • Journaling and keeping a record of day to day events

Maree found challenging:

  • Having to do yoga daily, on top of working and running a family

Annabelle liked:

  • The group support, and social environment
  • The fact that members of our yoga community worked collectively

Annabelle found challenging:

  • Karma yoga (being proactively engaged in the wider community)
  • Taking time to be silent and introspective for a two hour session

Terese liked:

  • Everything!

Terese found challenging:

  • Silence and stillness for meditation

Andy liked:

  • The company of Challenge participants
  • Taking time to be self-viewing
  • The rule-based element of the Challenge

Ali liked:

  • The collective social environment within our yoga community
  • Helping others learn about the discipline involved in leading a yogic lifestyle

Ali found challenging:

  • The mundane reality of being a yogini in suburbia
  • Working 40 days straight
  • Keeping up with the yoga journal on top of writing/ organising blog posts

All our super yogis agreed that this sort of immersion would work much better in a retreat or ashram environment. Maybe in the future we will run this sort of programme again in a lodge or accommodation somewhere more natural, whether in  New Zealand, Thailand, or India

As a side note: deposits collected from Challenge participants (who strayed a little off path) has gone toward provisions for Ali’s Guru’ji’s ashram, in the rural outskirts of Mathura/ India. With some karma yoga, planting and gardening the Barsana Ashram is an ideal place for future yoga immersion.



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