Day 37 – Yoga Challenge

— Maree shares with us … “As our challenge comes to a close each of us has spent time reflecting on what the challenge has taught us and brought us. One of the most special and unexpected gifts provided by the challenge shone brightly for me especially last night as I sat amongst the golden company of six of the other yogini’s at our sattvic Sunday banquet.”

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Maree continues …  “Amongst the irreverence, boisterous conversation and lively debate were true moments of personal vulnerability and honesty which were met by tenderness and support from the group.  It’s one of the joys of this challenge and more specifically this very special group of individuals – a slow unwrapping of ourselves over the weeks, revealing ourselves when we have felt the need or want in a safe circle of true respect.  It hasn’t been a contrived ‘confessional’ or  compulsory ‘group share’. It has simply been a beautiful and natural development for which I am grateful.  Each of us has found treasure in one another and thus in ourselves.  Aroha to you all xx.”

Thanks to Simone and Maree for photos


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